2019 Championship Clearance Forms

Clearance forms are now open for the 2019 Championship Season. All Players from under 8 to Masters wanting to change clubs for the new season MUST complete a clearance form.

The PDF link for the form (at bottom of this post) which must be filled out and dropped into:

The Basketball Office – Monday to Friday 9am-5pm or

Placed in the “Domestic Clearance forms only” box after hours which is located at the Minerdome in the hallway between courts one and two (top right corner of the letter boxes).

Your form must be completely filled out and the money must accompany the form or it wont be accepted. See Staff or Canteen staff for help if needed but they wont be able to accept the form off you.

the Clearance deadline is 5pm on Monday 18th of March 2019. This means some competitions still have one round to go and juniors are about to commence finals. Your clearance once approved is to commence for the next season which will start a month after the clearance form closure date. The basketball office can’t accept a form off anyone after 5pm on the day listed above.


Forms are available at the Minerdome or via our -Policies, Forms and Documents section of the website (under local basketball heading)