2021 Championship Season – Entries Open Juniors!

Our 2021 Championship Season Entries are now open and clubs are actively seeking their member’s commitments for the new season along with new players who are keen to try it out. It has been great to be able to offer basketball so far in 2021 and we hope that this continues with little to no hiccups along the way.

Below are some key details that clubs and families need to be aware of for the 2021 Championship Season including start dates, clearances, team entries, rules and regulations and payments.

If you are reading this information or receiving it via email, social media or club channels please carefully read and respond in a timely manner to ensure the club volunteers who are tasked with putting another season together can do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


If you are a new player:

It’s important to read the below details but at the bottom of the page is how to get in contact with a club to arrange registration for the new season. Clubs are always on the lookout for new players and can’t wait to hear from you


2021 Championship Season Dates:

Entries For the new season are open now and clubs are required to submit their teams via Play HQ by no later than Monday April 12th 2021. Each club will call for intention to play and rego days which may fall before the above closure date to ensure they have teams submitted and players registered in time.

The Championship Season as seen above on the Season Dates Template will run from Monday 19th of April 2021 until 14th of September 2021 for juniors. This season length is our traditional Championship Season dates which will boast for the first time since 2014 full Semi, Prelim, Grand final series for teams finishing in the top 4 of their respective divisions at the end of the regular season.


Championship Season: Clearances: CLICK HERE FOR LINK


Clearances for the Championship Season are open now and will be completed via online form only sent to the clubs and players. All clearances will close on Monday 29th of March 2021 and sent to clubs. An allocation meeting will be held on Wednesday 30th of March 2021.

Clearance form link can be found here: https://www.ballaratbasketball.com/

Any player jersey drop off will need to either be arranged directly to the club or drop off point at BSEC to be eligible to be cleared. All outstanding fees also need to be cleared prior to club switch.

Clubs will have 7 days from the closure date to sign off on the clearance list or automatic clearance will apply. The club must respond to the list sent with either a Yes/No/ pending (jersey or money) otherwise the player will be cleared automatically.

If you are a currently listed JET player you will need to be allocated via the allocation meeting held on Wednesday 30th of March. You still need to submit a clearance in time but you preference for destination will be removed.



Championship Season: Payments


In moving with the times and transitioning to a more cashless (physical) society, Ballarat Basketball are moving to teams sheets paid via direct deposit or Team Pay only. Team pay has been trialed over the last 4 months in seniors with all teams either on board or paying via season direct deposit.

Below are the weekly team sheet costs which are in effect from the new season. Please note all competitions except Saturdays are traditionally paying team sheets so the change will be minimal for more than half our junior members.

This may impact on the way clubs set up their registration fees or collection methods so if something looks different to usual then ask the question, understand the changes being made and be respectful for their decisions.

Junior team sheet cost:

Via Team Pay App: $60.00

Via Season invoices (invoiced in 2 installments): $65.40


Championship Season Rules and Regulations:

We hope that our rules and regulations can return to normal or as listed in the operations manual across the board. This includes the following which can all be located for the correct interpretations in our operations manual: https://www.ballaratbasketball.com/domestic-competition/playing-basketball/resources/

  • Game timing rules, length of games and timeouts available. Page 11
  • Finals qualifications: All competitions junior and senior will need 6 games to qualify for finals. Page 14
  • Grading Period will revert to normal. 4 weeks grading. Grading Policy
  • Points system for all A Grade juniors is in effect. Points System Policy
  • Uniform Policy will be applied. Page 5
  • Player Registrations are mandatory before stepping onto the court. Page 5
  • Restrictions on players junior and senior apply. Juniors includes the amount of games per week, senior amount of games per night or number of competitions played in. From page 7

Club Registrations:

Below is each Club’s best contact to get involved. All our clubs are volunteer run so email is your best option to get in contact.

When emailing a club please list your players Name, DOB, Gender, Contact number and email so the appropriate person can get in contact with you.


Ballan Brumbies Basketball Club

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]

Celtic Tigers Basketball Club

Boys Entries: [email protected]

Girls Entries: [email protected]

Drummo Dragons Basketball Club

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]

Exies Acmy Basketball Club

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]

Phoenix Basketball Club

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]

Saints Basketball Club

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]

Sovereign Knights Basketball Club

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]

Wildcats Basketball Club

Boys and Girls Entries: [email protected]