Ballarat basketballer Sam Short and Athlete & Development Coach Nathan Cooper Brown are among 44 players and 11 coaches who have been invited to Basketball Australia’s Athlete Development Camp (ADC) with all eight states and territories represented.

Held from January 18-22 2016, the ADC offers a mechanism to identify future Australian Boomers and Opals as well as assess potential scholarship holders for the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence.

Players are also given the development opportunity to learn under the top coaches in the country and be exposed to the Boomers and Opals style of play.

“It provides a holistic education approach where the athletes will be involved in individual development as well as team concepts,” said Australian Opals coach Brendan Joyce.

“It also offers what we call an IQ development opportunity, which will assist the athletes in decision making. We all know it is important to have a skills package but it is equally important to develop your intellect and understanding of the game.”

Aside from the 44 athletes, eleven coaches will also be exposed to the education process.

“We will subject coaches that have the potential to coach our junior national teams and possibly step up to senior teams in some capacity to this same scrutiny”.

“We share the style of play and then those coaches can go back and teach those concepts down the line. So in it’s own way this also assists us in increasing the development of players.

“We allow the opportunity for state high performance managers to participate or observe at the camp which offers another opportunity for everyone to understand what we want transferred down to junior levels and this again directly develops Australian players and coaches.”

Basketball Ballarat CEOP Peter Eddy congratulated both representatives on their selection for the Australian Development Camp.

To have Sam and Nathan exposed to the national level pathways is not only good for their personal development but will be invaluable for the region as both are involved in our local and regional education programs throughout Western Victoria, Eddy said.

The 2016 ADC list of athletes:

 Sam Short (Ballarat – VIC Country), Tina Aokusa (QLDS), Brady Armstrong (TAS), Isabela Bourne (ACT), Kyle Bowen (WA), Austin Bradtke (VICM), Emma Clarke (WAM), Lucy Cochrane (VICM), Abby Cubillo (NT), Chelsea D’Angelo (VICC), Lachlan Dent (NSWC), Dragon Elkaz (NSWM), Ben Fakira (NSWM), Biar Garang (SAM), Grace George (QLDS), Miela Goodchild (QLDS), Juliet Gordan (SAM), Cassidy Gould (VICM), Bailey Griffiths (VICM), Mackenzie Hoycard (WAC), Matt Johns (VICC), Tristan Lloyd (VICC), Sean MacDonald (VICM), Cassidy McLean (NSWC), Lara McSpadden (NSWC), Ezi Magbegor (VICM), Makuach Maluach (NSWC), Taylor Mole (TAS), Chloe Molloy (VICC), Alexander Mudronja (SAM), Genna Ogier (VICC), Andrew Panayiotou (VICM), Rebecca Pizzey (VICM), Darcy Rees (SAM), Jacob Rigoni (SAM), Maddison Rocci (VICM), Kiera Rowe (VICM), Ryan Runnals (QLDN), Jazmin Shelley (VICC), Jaz Simmons (NSWC), Samantha Simons (SAM), Kody Stattman (QLDN), Nick Stoddard (QLDS), Jackson Walsh (SAC).

 The 2016 ADC list of coaches: 

 Nathan Cooper – Brown, Phil Brown, Brett Coxsedge, Trudie Hopgood, David Ingham, Jordan Mullan, Mark Radford, Justin Schueller, Shannon Seebohm, Kristen Veal, Mark Watkins.