Basketball Ballarat Junior Tournament Fixture & Notes

Please note this is correct as of 1:30pm 2/6/2015 if you have looked at an earlier version please check again

 How to access your Club/Team fixtures/results for the Ballarat Tournament:

In 2015 The Ballarat Junior tournament will be entering results online and publishing them to the Fox Sports Pulse smart phone app and also to our tournament website:

To download the app go to iTunes or android store and search for Fox Sports Pulse. When you find the App download and install it. You will then be able to search for your team or club name within the basketball section. You can also search for the Ballarat Basketball Tournament and then choose the grade you would like to see displayed.

Court Locations – 2015

A Map will be available on our website next week.

Courts 1-4  MARS MINERDOME, Cnr Grevillea Rd and Dowling St, Wendouree

Courts 6, 7 Wendouree Sports and Events Centre, Dowling St, Wendouree

Courts 8,9 & 9a Arch Sports Centre, Ballarat High School, Sturt St W, Ballarat

Courts 10, 11 Loreto College, Wendouree Pde, Ballarat

Courts 12, 13 St Patrick’s College, Sturt St, Ballarat

Courts 14,15 Damascus SC, Geelong Rd, Mt Clear

Court 16 Ballarat Grammar, Forest St, Wendouree

Court 17 Eastwood Leisure Complex, Eastwood St, Ballarat

Court 18  Ballarat Christian College, Cnr Vickers St, Sebastopol

Court 19 Ballarat SC (Wendouree Campus), Forest St, Wendouree

Court 20 St Francis PS, Fortune St, Ballarat East

2015 Ballarat Junior Tournament – Finals Arrangements

Please note that where there are two Pools in a competition all finals games are displayed in Pool 1.

  1. A 4 team draw, 3 preliminary games, followed by 1st v 4th, 2nd v 3rd – 2 winners go to Grand Final
  2. A 5 team draw, 4 preliminary games, top 2 go to Grand Final.
  3. A 6 team draw, 5 preliminary games, top 2 go to Grand Final.
  4. An 8 team draw, 2 pools of 4, 3 preliminary games in each Pool, then Q/Finals –

Q/F 1 Ist Pool 1 v 4th Pool 2

Q/F 2 2nd Pool 1 v 3rd Pool 2

Q/F 3 3rd Pool 1 v 2nd Pool 2

Q/F 4 4th Pool 1 v 1st Pool 2

Q/Fs are displayed on the draw in the order listed here.

Then S/Fs – S/F 1 Winner of Q/F 1 v Winner Q/F 3

S/F 2 Winner of Q 2 v Winner of Q/F 4

Two winners go to Grand Final

  1. A 9 team draw, as for an 8 team draw, except that Pool of 5 will play 4 preliminary rounds and 5th in that Pool will be eliminated at that stage.  Q/Fs and S/Fs are then played as above.
  2. A 10 team draw, 2 Pools of 5, 4 preliminary games in each Pool, then top two in each Pool play a S/F – S/F 1 Ist Pool 1 v 2nd Pool 2

S/F 2 2nd Pool 1 v 1st Pool 2

Two winners to Grand Final

  1. A 12 team draw, 2 Pools of 6, 5 preliminary games in each Pool.  Top position in each Pool goes to Grand Final.

Determination of Positions

a)   Two way tie, head to head result.

b)   Three or more way tie, percentage separation only on games played between tied teams.