Basketball Ballarat welcomes new Referee Manager

Basketball Ballarat are excited to announce the appointment of Chloe Dunmore as the new Full-Time Referee Manager. Chloe comes to the association with a wealth of experience and will lead the referee programs into a new era for the region.

Dunmore was really looking forward to starting her new role at Basketball Ballarat located at the Ballarat Sports Events Centre.

“I’m excited to begin my own development in the role as well as the potential in our Ballarat refereeing body and our education program.” Dunmore said.

Only being in the role for a short period of time on a part-time basis Dunmore has already hit the ground running before she commenced this week full-time.

“This year, we have already been able to implement a trial period of referee coaches to actively provide feedback during domestic competitions, which can be seen wearing orange vests during rostered times. We will also see expansions in workshops and education tools for referees to gain better understanding of the game and develop their own skills, as well as having more referees begin to represent Ballarat at other tournaments and representative events. This year will initially be a lot of behind the scenes work in preparing referees, however we hope to see this reflect in more positive attitudes both in our refereeing culture as well as attitudes of facility users towards our referees” Dunmore explained.

Dunmore grew up in Ararat before moving and graduating from Federation University Australia with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science but was looking forward to going into a sports management direction. Dunmore has a wealth of experience in Basketball having played representative basketball in Ararat as well as a season in the Country Basketball League while also coaching the Ararat Under-12 boys and managing the Aussie Hoops program in Ararat before progressing to Ballarat.

The role is important to Basketball Ballarat and Chloe was exited to manage a range of area’s across the referee department.

“In my role I will be looking after the scheduling of referees across domestic competitions, Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) and Basketball Ballarat tournaments, referee training, development, education and retention, growth of numbers and providing opportunities for referees to progress through pathways to higher representative levels.

Basketball Ballarat strongly supports the City of Ballarat Women and Sport Strategy which Chloe is really passionate about.

“It’s an exciting time with such an emphasis on women in sports and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I strongly encourage any women to get involved in refereeing as its quite unfortunate that numbers lack so much in female involvement. A big message is that you don’t need to be good at sports to participate in some form. I am not the greatest basketballer and currently don’t play, but I much prefer refereeing over playing.” Dunmore said

With the opening of the Ballarat Sports Events Centre with an additional 6-courts, this has created a lot of opportunity for new referees with the increasing registration of teams and player.

“We have progressed positively and are adapting to the new 6-courts and increasing numbers since the opening of the centre. It is fantastic to have so many eager junior referees on board, which will be greatly beneficial for us in the long term. However we can never have too many referees, so we highly encourage everyone to give refereeing a go whether it be for a bit of extra income, for the social aspect or even to keep active.” Dunmore said.

Dunmore was really pleased with the changed perception to referees whom as like players do from time to time make mistakes like anyone.

“It’s always important for players, coaches or spectators to be patient with referees especially our juniors in green shirts who are in training. It’s always a friendly reminder to everyone that referees are human and bound to make mistakes but just like players, we are out there for a bit of enjoyment and development too” Dunmore finished with.


Peter Eddy CEO of Basketball Ballarat was thrilled to appoint Chloe Dunmore into the role as Referee Manager. Eddy said that there was a strong field of applicants for the role both locally and from around the state but after a vigorous selection process Chloe offered the best fit for this challenging new role.


“In her short time in the role Chloe has already demonstrated a real commitment and passion for the role” Eddy said.


If you think refereeing might be for you we encourage you get in touch with Chloe Dunmore via to express your interest today.