Basketball Restart: Junior, Seniors and Casual Hire of Venues

The Mars Minerdome, Ballarat Sports Events Centre and all staff are excited to be able to offer our venues and services again FINALLY! There are three main areas listed below with important information which may or may not impact you. Simple scroll to the sections of interest:


Junior Competitions:

Junior Competitions are set to return from Monday 30th of November for 3 weeks of competitions. This is an extension of the “lightning Premiership” season set up back in July 2020. It was decided at the time of closure the season would extend till the last playing date available in 2020. There were many pros and cons in extending it further, stopping and commencing a new season and just abandoning 2020 altogether. Ultimately the massive amount of work our 8 local clubs completed to get all the teams onto the court safely in a very difficult time wasn’t worth scrapping.

If you are or have a junior player please get in contact to say yes im returning or no im not to your CLUB ASAP. We start playing again in 5 days’ time so your help in contacting the club will make it easier on them to lock in teams for the next 3 weeks.

Things to note for these 3 weeks: there is no clearances, no re-grades, no ladder positions, and no finals. It is simply a chance to run around and play some basketball.

The last playing day is Saturday 19th of December which is a week later than normal. We understand this makes it more difficult to plan but we want to give as many people the chance to play and return to normal as possible!

Clubs have been asked to confirm their teams by midday Friday 27th of November so fixtures can take shape immediately following. This is an extremely quick turnaround which is why we need your help.



Senior Competitions:

SENIORS ARE BACK! We are offering a shortened slightly different season to usual. Less grades per night than usual, different names than usual, different game times than usual but lets face it 2020 isn’t usual.

The Season Starts Monday 30th of November and runs until Easter. We will be playing in January earlier than usual so you will have to factor this in. the dates of play can be seen HERE: Senior Competition Fixture Calendar

Games are over 65 minute schedules instead of our normal 50 minute schedules. This is so we can have games enter the building, play and exit before the next group arrive. There is also mandatory cleaning our staff need to do to ensure the area is safe and clean. It is different but if that’s all we have to do to ensure basketball can run then no dramas from us!

There will be a finals day at the end which will be 1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6 etc. nothing too special just a wrap up of the fact we were able to get back playing!

  1. If you are a club based team you will need to submit the entry through your club unless told otherwise by them. This is so they can help set everything up.
  2. If you are a single team or a small club then submit your entry directly through this link. Simple select the day/grade you want, follow the prompts and you’re in.

Team Entry Link:

Once you have submitted the team all players just register directly to the team via the link and code it provides you. If you lose this then the office can help locate it. Email [email protected]



Casual Shooting / Court Hire:

BSEC is now available Monday to Friday for casual shooting. There are two sessions per day you can come to which are 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. You can arrive any time within these periods and shoot but we do need to close at 12pm and 4pm so the closer you are to those times the less time on court.

The cost is $5 per person paid via eftpos at reception (no need to pre-book). Once paid you will scan a QR code to check in and you are ready to go. You don’t need any fancy app for this just a camera on your phone will do. We can’t give you a basketball due to Covid restrictions so you must bring your own and also a drink bottle as our water fountains are also out of bounds.

We have 8 courts available so there is plenty of room for everyone to shoot and enjoy a ring that isn’t in your backyard, bent, wind obstructed and has obstacles like your dog chasing the ball every time you bounce it.