Basketball Return to Play Update

Season Start Dates

According to the Government Roadmap announced by the Premier, Regional indoor Sport may be able to return later this month with minimum numbers required to play (similar to our last set of rules prior to closing). We are fairly confident that at 80% of fully dosed people across Victoria will allow us to return under an “Orange 50” type model or maybe an amended model to be advised by Basketball Victoria.

Given this news and whilst not fully confirmed yet, we are going to aim at a start date for the current proposed season of Monday November 15th.  This date has been selected based off our vaccination rates currently in Victoria and when we are potentially going to reach this milestone.

This does mean that entries for all Junior and Senior Competitions will close at 11.59pm Sunday 31st of October.

Conditions of Entry

As there is nothing officially yet from Basketball Victoria or State Government regarding who will and won’t be able to access our buildings for games and spectating of our sports, it does appear that many activities at least in the short term will be available for fully vaccinated people. Please note that we will be required to follow Basketball Victoria’ s policies or terms of entry if mandated. They are in close contact with State Government and we along with many others will need to follow suit in order to open.

There is no firm decision from the State or Federal Governments on this YET. I can say this, the Premier in unveiling the Roadmap stated “if you’re going to deny people entry on the basis of their vaccination status, well, the person pouring the beer has to be vaccinated too.  Logic tells you that”.  Based on that comment, I am pretty sure that it will be compulsory… mandated from the Government.  IF this is the case, we must comply or risk being fined.


Player Insurance

Some players when trying to register for the upcoming season are being prompted to pay their insurance again. This concern had been raised to Club Committee’s and also the Association. We have since asked for clarity on this matter with BV who had this as their response:

“At this stage we are not extending licences for those who have participated in 2021. With minimal Government support in 2021, to be able to retain core staff and the need to be ready for a “Return to Sport” – BV needs to be able to maintain a level of income for sustainability. As you would be aware, in addition to competition management and insurance, individual participant fees (the Basketball Victoria Licence) cover a range of essential services and programs which we are and will continue to deliver. We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions accordingly.’


Please note that the Player insurance of $25 for a Junior and $39 for a senior player does not come to Ballarat or your club. This goes directly from payment to higher levels and split according to them.

If you have any concerns regarding this, I encourage you to speak with your club or the association but please understand these decisions and this money does not come to us. Please direct your emails to [email protected]


Season Length

Below you will see a calendar of game dates from Monday 15th of November. Please note that if our proposed start dates are delayed then we will simply lose the round listed for that given day.

We will aim to play on all the proposed dates below and aim to play a finals series of Semi Final / Grand Final format.

There will be limits applied to grades to ensure maximum team play. Extra grades will be made according to our needs.


What do you need to do now?

If you are a club-based player (junior and senior) now is the time to get in contact with your club and confirm your return! I know the clubs want to see you all back the same as we do here.

If you are an individual team within our Senior competitions its time to confirm your entry and submit it! If you have done this then pester your players to register to the team!