BSEC Casual Shooting Terms and Conditions

Entry to the building

  • Players may only enter the stadium 5 minutes before their scheduled booking begins
  • Please keep left upon entering the stadium
  • Those that have not booked MUST sign in using the QR Code
  • Players may bring a parent/legal guardian who can sit in the provided seating to supervise, however this supervisor MUST NOT participate in the casual shooting
  • Players must abide by social distancing protocols at all times
  • Masks must be worn to and from the court, only to be removed when stepping on to the court


While Shooting

  • All time slots are 45 minutes in duration
  • No more than 4 players per half court
  • Non-Contact shooting only, 1v1 or 2v2 competition IS NOT allowed
  • Each player must bring their own ball
  • BBA will NOT provide any basketballs for use
  • No canteen, vending machine or drink fountains will be open
  • No sharing of equipment – basketballs, drink bottles, towels, etc.


While Leaving

  • Masks must be worn once the 45-minute time slot has ended
  • You must leave your court ASAP, through the correct door
  • Stay left while exiting and exit quickly
  • Do not loiter outside the front doors, please depart promptly