Bylsma Hire partner with Basketball Ballarat

Basketball Ballarat are pleased to welcome an exciting new partnership in Bylsma Hire to the family.

Bylsma Hire joins as the Presenting Partner of the Sporting Globe Ballarat Senior Basketball Tournament and Partner of the association in 2021.

The new partnership will see their support going directly to the Premier Division providing an increased cash prize pool for the tournament directly.

Bylsma Hire Manager Roger Bylsma was looking forward to the new partnership with Basketball Ballarat.

“At Bylsma Hire we are extremely pleased and excited to come on board and partner with Basketball Ballarat.”

“By contributing a cash injection to provide the the Biggest Cash Prize for a Premier Division Tournament. With the hope that, Basketball Ballarat can attract and showcase the Best Premier Teams, in one of the Best Basketball facilities, in arguably the Best City!” Roger Bylsma said.

This years Tournament will also see a all new award in the Men’s Premier Division Grand Final which was of great importance to Roger.

“It is also with great respect that we can award the John Bylsma, Best Player in the Men’s Premier League Grand Final Medal, to Honour of a man who contributed so much to the ballarat community, a legacy we to, wish to uphold.” Roger Bylsma said.

On behalf of Basketball Ballarat thank you to Roger and his team for the support.