City of Ballarat extend Basketball Ballarat Support

Basketball Ballarat are proud to announce that the City of Ballarat have extended their strategic partnership for a further 3 years after Councillors agreed on Wednesday evening at the December Council Meeting.

CEO for Basketball Ballarat was thrilled with the outcome.

“ Basketball Ballarat takes its responsibility to our Strategic Partnership very seriously and deems it an honour to be entrusted with Council’s confidence to deliver on our promises in regard to community programs, events and recreation services” Eddy said.

On the night an officer report outlined that specifically basketball events in Ballarat accounted for 23,500 bed nights annually which provided an economic benefit of $3.5m to the city.

With the opening of Stage 1 of the Ballarat Sports Events Centre and Stage 2 to go under construction in 2020, officers reported that those figures are likely to grow with further opportunities.

The Deputy Mayor Belinda Coates was supportive of the decision.

“In terms of strategic partnership, it does literally tick all the boxes.” Coates said via the Courier.

Coates also added via the Courier that the funding would bring health, social, environmental and economic benefits to the city.

In addition to the Strategic Partnership there was additional funding approved for strategic events partnership to assist with growing the events here in Ballarat.