Domestic Basketball Ticket

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Basketball Ballarat Junior Ticket - Saturdays
Please note that tickets may no longer be required for you! See below a list of clubs and who is or isn't using tickets. If your club is purchasing tickets this can be done at the reception point of each venue on game day. No online tickets available:
  1. Ballan Brumbies: Saturday Tickets - Please purchase
  2. Celtic Tigers: Saturday Tickets- Please purchase
  3. Phoenix: No tickets required - Club invoicing system
  4. Exies Acmy: No tickets required - Club Teampay!
  5. Wildcats: No tickets required - Club Teampay!
  6. Saints: No tickets required - Club Teampay!
  7. Drummo Dragons: No tickets required - Teampay!
  8. Sovereign Knights: No tickets required - Teampay!