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Basketball Victoria have put in place a document regarding accreditation and requirements for referees to promote to higher graded levels of officiating. This document has all information regarding referee grades, competencies and policies relevant to progressing as a referee.



Mentor to Green Shirt Feedback Form is to only be filled out by mentors appointed by TOC


Tim Walshe – Chairperson

Fletcher Martin – Referee Manager

Neil Black – Committee Member

Kira Irvin – Committee Member

Kelly Jones – Committee Member

Paul Rundell – Committee Member

Donna Dunmore – Committee Member




For all current or potential referee details please contact Fletcher Martin,



Ballarat Basketball strive to provide the best education and opportunities for anyone looking to begin their refereeing career. Whether you are looking to referee for fitness, a new hobby, to learn the rules or if you are looking at a potential future career in refereeing, we high recommend it and are always looking for new dedicated members to add to our team!


Participants 14 years or older begin with a level 0 introductory one day course, which provides you with the rule knowledge and correct mechanics to take with you onto court, where you begin by shadowing your allocated mentor. Once you gain enough experience and confidence, you then move onto solo games still in your green shirt. An evaluation is then completed, and if successful, the referee will officially move from their green shirt into their striped shirt.


The beginning stripe shirt level is known as C grade, which once held for a minimum of 6 months can then allow you to go for your B grade in the association. From here after holding B grade for minimum of 12 months, referees are encouraged to venture away from domestic competitions and begin to referee Basketball Victoria Country events and other association’s tournaments. This can then allow them to be promoted to a A grade if they are successful and pass their evaluations.


From domestic and BVC events, A grade referees can then be nominated onto the Victorian Junior Basketball League Panel to referee representative squads and gain tremendous experience refereeing both locally and out of town with a ray of different referees of different experiences and levels.


From VJBL onwards, the opportunities continue to grow into the Big V, National Junior Championships, NBL1, right up to NBL and Olympics (for those who can withstand the pressure of the game and are committed enough to their refereeing).


The opportunities for referees in Australia are enormous, and Ballarat Basketball strive to assist anyone looking at officiating with reaching their top potential, whether this be purely domestic or at a National level. This along with ongoing support of referee coaches both locally and at higher levels allows for referees to gain continuous feedback to better themselves, their skills and their knowledge as an official!


If you wish to express your interest in becoming a Ballarat Basketball referee, please click the button below


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GenU Referee Chloe Dunmore