Expression of Interest for Volunteer Positions during 2020 Australian U18 Championships & Kevin Coombs Cup

Dates – Friday April 17 to Friday April 24.  Most game days will be approximately 9am-8pm.

There will be upwards of 20 teams coming to Ballarat for the week and there is a wide array of volunteer tasks to enable us to present the Championships in the very best light.

I am hopeful that some Clubs and/or teams might be interested in taking responsibility for an area and work on a roster across the week which will ease the burden for any one individual.  An example of that might be a couple of JET age groups getting together to manage the floor-wiping duties and have a group cover a half-day each.

This approach could be looked at by Clubs as a whole in this or other areas as well.  The more we have express interest the more flexible we can be across the week.


The following are volunteer tasks we need to have filled –

  • Court Wipers for 3-4 courts at a time
  • Game Announcers for 4 courts
  • Team Mascots
  • Game Reporters
  • Ceremony Assistants from team sign bearers to ushers
  • Team Showbag Collators
  • Video Operators
  • Training Location Supervisors
  • Assistance around the interactive zone
  • Assistance with ticketing/accreditation/camera tagging
  • Change room and scoreboard signage changes across 4 courts
  • Meet and Greet Personnel at 2 venues
  • Team Liaison Officers to assist with local enquiries
  • 12 Seater Bus Drivers
  • Tourism Information
  • Scorers – up to 12 per game time (will need training)
  • Court Supervisors
  • Statisticians


Expressions of Interest can be from individuals and well as from groups.

Some people/groups will be directly asked to fill positions and all basketball staff will be working around the event as well.  Don’t let that colour your interest in an area though.

More information about all of this can be gained by contacting Joel at

Please send me your name, contact number and email, preferred area/s of assistance, general availability and/or any restrictions. Please note the championships are held outside of the Victorian school holidays.

Expressions can be forwarded from now all the way through to the start of the Easter School Holidays.  Reminders will be sent regularly.