JET Stage 2 tryouts – 12s and 14s

Stage 2 of the Tryouts will be held this Sunday 27th of August here at the Minerdome. All players need to bring along a light/dark reversible shirt, ball and drink bottle the same as the first stage. Please note the final team selections for under 14, 16 and 18s will be released on Friday 22nd of September which is post VJBL season.

For the full list of players chosen to take part in stage 2 of the tryouts please see below lists. These lists have been trimmed since the first stage so if your name is not on your designated list we would like to thank you for being a part of the try outs for 2017/18 but unfortunately you have not progressed. We will still see you here each week with your club!

TIMES FOR STAGE 2 TRYOUTS: (Sunday 27th of August)

12 Boys – 3pm-4.30pm @ Minerdome

12 Girls – 3pm-4.30pm @ Minerdome

14 Boys – 1.30pm-3pm @ Minerdome

14 Girls – 1.30pm-3pm @ Minerdome


Under 12 Girls

Meg Stowe
Layla Jones
Madeline Sutton
Mia Price
Emmerson King
Zayah McNamara
Bridgette O’Brien
Ella Litras
Piper Hart
Tannah Castles
Tess Geljon
Ella Greene
Aisha Mc Mahon
Aislinn McCarthy
Crystal Thomas
Emilee Austin
Kate Aikman
Ebony Porter
Milla Moore
Eve Watson
Nyabiey Wuordol
Olivia Moysey
Lotte Donaldson
Lily Woodland-Boyanton
Gemma Gale
Milly Shortall
Milly Vallance
Payton Ratcliffe


Under 12 Boys

Lachlan Mc Phan
Angus Holloway
Jack Simpson
Alexander Stevens
Nate Cody
Will Palmer
Bond Ripper
Cooper Beseler
Declan Townsing
Riley Rundell
Ethan Drever
Patrick Mihaljevic
Jack Ellard
Oscar Farrington
Declan Clark
Fraser Molan
Joshua Remington
Lachlan Squire
Ashton Halsall
Jake Abrams
Flynn Batrouney
Jed Bentley
Taj Bowman
Baxter Horsburgh
Tom O’Donohue
Tesloach Lual
Jackson Mc Inerney
James Lewis


Under 14 Girls

Sadie Cheeseman.

Tess Squire

Taya Chisholm

Amali Price

Tilly Rivers

Emily Lewis

Reagan Sheehan

Abbie O’Brien

Macy Donaldson

Daisy Darbin

Rose Murnane

Amali Jans

Sarah Augustine

Lucy Wilkins

Chelsea Randich

Georgia Bodey

Myah Grylewicz

Jemma Amoore

Jarrah Bowman

Lillie Doyle

Laila Lappin

Zoe Klopak

Amy Talbot

Abbey Britt

Taylah Grace

Millie Sharp

Hannah Crocker


Under 14 Boys

Jack Coffey

Ruey Wuordol

Brady Hodgetts

Riley McKay

Jacob Britt

Ben Mornane

Ollie McCarthy

Alex Molan

Paddy O’Brien

Jack O’Brien

Nic Robinson

Ted O’Brien

Angus Haire

Toby Walshe

Eli Holloway

Jordan Martin

Fin Odgers

Thomas DeRuiter

Manney Gorfine

Nathan Jolly

Max Waddell

Tyler Cowan

Sam McDonald

Riley Dunn

Tyler Madigan

Harry Charleson

Caleb Conduit

Ky Swords

Pat Collins

Sam Litras

Charlie Darbin

Ned Renfree

Harvey Driscoll