Junior Basketball Grand Finals Locked In

Championship Season grand finals are ready to hit the court for the first time in 3 seasons! Under 10 to under 14 grand finals will take place this Saturday 10th of September at Selkirk Stadium which is exciting prospect given everything these players, teams and clubs have gone through to get to this point.

Record number of entries since the initial closedown have played out a 2-term season to find and crown a winner that means so much to them. Not only is it just a winner’s title and medal around the neck, some grades will get to play for the chance to add their names to some silverware only played for in the Championship Season.


Under 12 Boys A which will be contested by Wildcats and Celtic Tigers will play for the Jaxon Cooper Trophy. The Cooper Family will be on hand to present this trophy to the winner in a special occasion for these young boys. Wildcats have had an amazing season to date only dropping one game all season. Their ability to finish close games has been a particular pleasing aspect for the club who know just how easy things can slip away from them at this level. Celtic Tigers played a game of the season to make it to the grand final upsetting higher placed Exies in the Semi’s. a 1-point ball game has put Celtic right in the hunt for the game and will come in full of confidence.


The Under 14 Girls A will also play for the Anne Chettleburgh Trophy which is shaping as the game of the day. Phoenix and Saints finished the regular season 1 and 2 on the ladder and get to meet again this weekend for the 4th time. Phoenix holds a 2 to 1 lead but the Saints are confident if they keep it tight, they may have what it takes to pip them at the post.

The grand finals will commence from 9.15am at Selkirk Stadium with all the under 8 and beginner level 10s playing their final games of the season also. It will be a fantastic day and we encourage all families to come and witness greatness!



Full list of Grand Final games below:

Grade Team A Team B Venue Court Time
Saturday U10 Girls A ExiesAcmy U10 Girls A SAINTS LYNX Selkirk Stadium Court 1 9:15:00
Saturday U10 Girls B PHOENIX DIAMONDS PHOENIX SAPPHIRES Selkirk Stadium Court 2 9:15:00
Saturday U10 Boys A Celtic Tigers 1 SAINTS PISTONS Selkirk Stadium Court 1 10:15:00
Saturday U10 Boys B Drummo Dragons Black U10 Boys SAINTS CLIPPERS Selkirk Stadium Court 2 10:15:00
Saturday U10 Boys C PHOENIX UNITED Celtic Tigers 4 Selkirk Stadium Court 3 10:15:00
Saturday U12 Girls A SAINTS LIBERTY Celtic Tigers Selkirk Stadium Court 1 11:15:00
Saturday U12 Girls B SAINTS MERCURY Ballan Brumbies Selkirk Stadium Court 2 11:15:00
Saturday U12 Girls C Celtic Tigers 4 SAINTS LYNX Selkirk Stadium Court 3 11:15:00
Saturday U12 Girls D ExiesAcmy U12 Girls D Drummo Dragons U12 Girls Selkirk Stadium Court 4 11:15:00
Saturday U12 Boys A Wildcats Celtic Tigers 1 Selkirk Stadium Court 1 12:15:00
Saturday U12 Boys B ExiesAcmy U12 Boys B SAINTS 76ERS Selkirk Stadium Court 2 12:15:00
Saturday U12 Boys C Wildcats Gold Ballan Brumbies Selkirk Stadium Court 3 12:15:00
Saturday U12 Boys D SAINTS ROCKETS ExiesAcmy U12 Boys D Selkirk Stadium Court 4 12:15:00
Saturday U12 Boys E Celtic Tigers 8 SAINTS MAVS Selkirk Stadium Court 5 12:15:00
Saturday U14 Girls A PHOENIX DIAMONDS SAINTS STARS Selkirk Stadium Court 1 13:15:00
Saturday U14 Girls B SAINTS FEVER Celtic Tigers 2 Selkirk Stadium Court 2 13:15:00
Saturday U14 Girls C SAINTS MERCURY Drummo Dragons U14 Girls Selkirk Stadium Court 3 13:15:00
Saturday U14 Girls D Sovereign Knights ExiesAcmy U14 Girls D Selkirk Stadium Court 4 13:15:00
Saturday U14 Boys A SAINTS KNICKS ExiesAcmy U14 Boys A Selkirk Stadium Court 1 14:15:00
Saturday U14 Boys B Ballan Brumbies ExiesAcmy U14 Boys B Selkirk Stadium Court 2 14:15:00
Saturday U14 Boys C ExiesAcmy U14 Boys C Drummo Dragons Green U14 Boys Selkirk Stadium Court 3 14:15:00
Saturday U14 Boys D SAINTS BUCKS SAINTS CLIPPERS Selkirk Stadium Court 4 14:15:00
Saturday U14 Boys E SAINTS LAKERS SAINTS KINGS Selkirk Stadium Court 5 14:15:00
Saturday U14 Boys F ExiesAcmy U14 Boys F Wildcats Selkirk Stadium Court 6 14:15:00