Lardner Bros. commit to supporting regional basketball pathways

Basketball Ballarat are thrilled to announce Lardner Bros. as an official partner for 2019 supporting the regional pathways for basketball athletes.

Lardner Bros. are based in Ararat and have been in business for over 100 years covering Western Victoria from Portland, Warrnambool, Hamilton, Horsham and down to Ballarat operating the same area of the Basketball Talent Pathways.

Owner Geoff Dunmore was excited about the opportunity to give back to Basketball Ballarat after a long connection with his family participation.

“My young boy Zac came through the ranks at Ararat and wanted to further his career. He was then lucky enough to come to Ballarat and be selected in the Junior Elite Teams.” Geoff said.

“He’s worked his way up through those ranks and they’ve (BBA) been extremely good to him and he has learnt a huge amount so we felt it was right to give something back”

Geoff and Donna Dunmore are both supporters of the Regional Talent Pathway to Basketball Ballarat.

“Hopefully other kids in the Western Region can follow suit and come through to hopefully one day player for the Miners or Rush one day too” Geoff finished with.

Basketball Ballarat are very thankful for both Geoff and Donna Dunmore’s support moving forward. Should you wish to find out more about Lardner Bros. please visit