McDonald’s Miners and Rush Youth League Head Coaches named for 2018

Basketball Ballarat are pleased to announce the 2018 McDonald’s Ballarat Youth League Coaching Staff.

To lead the Youth League Rush will be Marcus Jenkins who comments at the appointment “I am proud to be appointed Ballarat Youth League Rush coach again for the second year. I have been involved in the Ballarat program for the past 4 years and look forward to the success of 2018”

Jenkins is also very much looking forward to having his Assistant, Megan Collins, back by his side “Megan is back again as my assistant for the Youth League Rush team. She has been in the Senior Elite Teams program with the Youth Rush for the past 3 years and is a valuable team member of our leadership group”.

Megan Collins is also the Under 12 Ballarat Junior Elite Teams  program coaching director.


The newest additions to Senior roles will be Head Coach for the Youth League Miners Daniel Knaggs, and newly appointed Assistant Coach Ryan McKew.

Knaggs, who for the last seven years has been apart of the Ballarat Junior Elite Program and for three years has been a network coach for NITP/NPP programs is very humbled by the decision, but very enthusiastic to make a start “I am really excited for this opportunity to work within Ballarat’s Senior Elite Teams program. It has an extensive history with producing many national  & international coaches and players and I can’t wait to have a positive impact on the program.  We intend to expand on the success of last years SEABL group and mirror this within the youth league program”.

A very passionate inclusion the coaching staff is Ryan McKew in the assistant coach position. He has grown through his Junior development Coordinator and Victoria Academy roles. For the last 2 years he has Head coached the U14 boys and girls Ballarat Junior Elite Team programs.

Knaggs is pleased with McKew having the opportunity “His experiences with NITP program as well as being last years SEABL cadet coach really will bring great value to the program. Having a link from the U12 Rep program through to the Seniors will continue to grow community support and engagement. It will help build on last years talented young list as well as having regional depth wanting to join our program. It is going to be a  highly successful year for the Youth League Rush and Miners!”