Melton manhandles Ballarat

Melton’s constant ball movement and motion offence grabbed the attention as the U/16 boys searched for the best possible field goal attempt on each possession. But it was Ballarat’s Josh Kunen that decided to buck that trend. The centre for Ballarat used his length inside to disrupt Melton’s offence  and also contributed on the offence end converting in the post and grabbing many offensive rebounds. Ballarat closed out the quarter on a strong drive by Braeden Ilsey to cut it to 9-10

Josh Kunen continued his dominance inside scoring the first 5 points of the second quarter for Ballarat. Melton’s lack of size inside meant they were limited to just one shot per possession. Harrison Theisinger tried his best to provide a spark for Melton with his smart play making but his teammates failed to respond.

In the third Josh Kunen was sent to the bench when he picked up an offensive foul early in the quarter giving Melton’s Kuany Kuany a chance to dominate the boards as the longest player on the floor. Newly opened driving lanes coupled with pushing of the pace led to Melton scoring on back to back and-one layup opportunities  taking control of the scoreboard 35-28

In the fourth Melton’s Harrison Theisinger was spectacular. He pushed the pace, connected on his foul shots and hit a dagger three pointer. Ballarat’s Josh Kunen was not able carry over his brilliance from the first half, failing to convert on easy baskets inside being boxed out on defensive rebounds by Melton’s Kuany Kuany. Melton defeated Ballarat 49-40.