The following guidelines are as of 11:59pm 3rd of February 2021

The following is an overview of current Covid-19 Guidelines across the Ballarat Sports Events Centre and Minerdome for local Basketball, Netball and Volleyball plus any other indoor activities.


  • Arrive 10mins prior to advertised game time and leave promptly after
  • Know which court you are listed for and remain at that court
  • Cleaners will be on duty attending to seats and score benches between games
  • Maintain social distance wherever possible – this allows all to be mask free in the venues
    From Feb 4, the State Government has made it mandatory for masks to be worn indoors
  • Spectator numbers are limited to 50 per court which should be sufficient for all who want to attend. Standing is permitted if social distancing cannot be adhered to with the available seating.
  • Spectators must be on the opposite side from the score bench
  • Family groups can sit together, keep a 2 seat space between different groups or individuals
  • Maintain healthy COVID habits whenever in the venues
  • Do not enter if unwell or exhibiting COVID symptoms
  • Players and team officials listed in Play HQ do not need to scan a QR code
  • All other spectators do – from Feb 5 there will be just one QR code for each venue. Note for added tracing clarity it is encouraged that spectators scan out to accurately determine their length of visit at the venue.
  • Cafés will resume limited trading from Feb 5 with spacing restrictions in queueing areas and with café rules applying to seating areas if provided.
  • Water taps and bottle fillers remain closed. Players must bring own supplies