Season in review: 2019/20 Summer Season – Juniors

The 2019/20 Summer Season started back in October 2019 with so much hope and promise. 35 more teams than ever before, eight more under 8 teams, 13 courts available in close proximity to each other, better playing times for games and settled in new stadium. Who would have thought at the start of the season the competition would come to a crashing halt like it did.

Friday 13th lived up to its reputation with the world we live in about to be turned on its head due to Covid-19. The ever evolving pandemic was rapidly changing the landscape by the hour and all we could do was sit and watch the government and governing bodies’ press conferences to see what was and wasn’t allowed to continue.

The Junior Semi Final weekend was ready to go and play commenced over the weekend. Interrupted, concerned and on edge the players arrived at various courts to play their semi-final games with smiles on their faces and hand sanitizer at the ready. The overall feeling around the courts with everyone so nervous was once the games started the players had an hour to go out and do what they loved and tried so hard for all season.

Unfortunately as of Monday 16th of March confirmation that basketball was to suspend all games until further notice. Devastating as it was to suspend games so deep into the season, it was the best option to ensure the health and safety of all our members and help contain the spread of the virus.

As we stand right now in late April there is still no start date that we may be able to get back to shooting hoops and playing the game we love. We continue to monitor government information and will only return when it is confirmed safe to do so. There are many things happening in the background with a focus on getting players transitioned to Play HQ, the new basketball system set to take our sport into the future. Reviews of all policies and operational documents to ensure we are up to date, support to our club committees to help them in this down time and of course keeping our members informed.

We would like to congratulate all teams on what was a fantastic season. Everyone played hard, enjoyed their time and made it a joy to be able to watch everyone grow. Below is a list of teams that made it through to their grand finals in the respective grades. Congratulations to all the teams, coaches, managers and clubs on putting in countless hours to ensure Ballarat has a strong basketball presence.


10 Boys Blue: Saints Pistons & Saints Knicks

10 Boys Yellow: Wildcats & Celtic Tigers

10 Girls Blue: Exies Acmy White & Celtic Tigers Green

10 Girls Yellow: Exies Acmy Maroon & Saints Mercury

12 Boys A: Celtic Tigers & Saints Heat

12 Boys Blue: Celtic Tigers Red & Exies Acmy White

12 Boys Red: Wildcats & Exies Acmy Maroon

12 Boys White: Celtic Tigers Red & Exies Acmy

12 Boys Yellow: Drummo Dragons Black & Saints 76ers

12 Girls A: Saints Liberty & Celtic Tigers

12 Girls Blue: Celtic Tigers & Phoenix White

12 Girls Red: Ballan Brumbies & Phoenix White

12 Girls Yellow: Saints Mercury & Drummo Dragons

14 Boys A: Exies Acmy White & Saints Knicks

14 Boys Blue Pool 1: Exies Acmy & Drummo Dragons Green

14 Boys Blue Pool 2: Drummo Dragons Black & Wildcats Gold

14 Boys Red: Phoenix Black & Celtic Tigers

14 Boys White: Phoenix White & Ballan Brumbies

14 Boys Yellow: Celtic Tigers & Sovereign Knights

14 Girls A: Celtic Tigers & Phoenix

14 Girls Blue: Wildcats Gold & Ballan Brumbies

14 Girls Red: Phoenix White & Sovereign Knights

14 Girls Yellow: Wildcats & Drummo Dragons Green

16 Boys A: Phoenix & Saints Thunder

16 Boys Blue: Celtic Tigers & Exies Acmy

16 Boys Red: Ballan Brumbies & Wildcats

16 Boys White: Celtic Tigers Green & Phoenix Blue

16 Boys Yellow Div. 1: Phoenix White & Wildcats

16 Boys Yellow Div. 2: Drummo Dragons Green & Phoenix Blue

16 Girls A: Saints Sparks & Exies Acmy Maroon

16 Girls Blue: Phoenix Blue & Ballan Brumbies

16 Girls Red: Sovereign Knights Purple & Sovereign Knights

16 Girls Yellow: Wildcats & Drummo Dragons Green

19 Boys A: Phoenix Blue & Saints Magic

19 Boys Blue Pool 1: Celtic Tigers Yellow & Phoenix

19 Boys Blue Pool 2: Phoenix Black & Sovereign Knights Yellow

19 Boys Red: Wildcats Gold & Ballan Brumbies

19 Boys White: Exies Acmy Maroon & Celtic Tigers

19 Boys Yellow: Drummo Dragons White & Drummo Dragons Black

19 Girls A: Saints Shock & Celtic Tigers

21 Boys: Saints & ACU