Special Permission to Qualify for Finals

Special permission forms are open and due back by the 1st of September. All competitions need 6 games to qualify for finals and this includes byes, games walked over (when your team receives the walkover you get a game qualify) and of course, games played.

If you are not going to make this figure for maybe illness or injury, work-related leave or schooling you can submit the form and the office will assess the request and let you know if you can play or not. To check your games played simple click on your team in the ladder section (or stats section if using the app) and check your games played.

These forms need to be signed off by a club representative so please ensure coaches and coordinators are aware they are being lodged.

Special permission form://  http://bit.ly/2YZn9Kb

Entries must be lodged to BSEC reception between Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm