Sporting Globe Ballarat Senior Tournament boosts local economy

The 2020 Sporting Globe Ballarat Senior Tournament is set to boost the local Ballarat economy over the Labour Day Long weekend.

Team registrations are up on previous years with over 70 teams entered across the long weekend tournament which is estimated to provide upwards of 2,000 bed nights and inject significant economic impact to the Ballarat business community.

Event Manager Mark Valentine indicated the tournament growth was reflected upon the opening of the Ballarat Sports Events Centre with the scheduling of the games across both venues including the Minerdome.

“The addition of 6 more courts has enabled the event to be staged in a much more user-friendly manner with a 10.30am start on Saturday and no games extending beyond 7.00pm.  This means that visitors can now take in more of Ballarat over the long weekend” Valentine said.

For many teams the long weekend is seen as an annual tradition and this is exactly the case for one particular entry Valentine said.

“Bashed Crabs participating in Masters Men are back for the 20th time having started out in A Grade in the first instance”

The tournament always welcomes new teams to compete and stay in Ballarat over the weekend.

“Red Roo’s are one team coming for the first time who are South Sudanese teams playing in both Premier and A Grade Men divisions.” Valentine ended with.

Basketball Ballarat would like to welcome Sporting Globe Ballarat as the new Naming Rights Partner for the Senior Tournament after supporting the association since they opened in 2016.

“We are thrilled to renew our partnership with the Sporting Globe Ballarat for 2020 and thank owners Richard and Anne Alexander for their continued support of all our programs at Basketball Ballarat.” Partnership Manager Andrew Day said.

The Sporting Globe Ballarat Senior Tournament starts at 10.30am on Saturday 7th of March and played across the entire Labour Day Long weekend with finals being played on Monday the 9th of March.