Recently Basketball Ballarat has conducted in partnership with club delegates a review into our Operations Manual and policies that relate to our domestic competitions. This was identified by multiple clubs as an area that needed updating to reflect our current competitions in 2020 and beyond.


The main body of work was around removing key areas of the Ops Manual and placing them as Policies. This allows the Operations Manual to be more specific in its approach and make locating and using certain sections easier. The list of sections removed from the Operations Manual include:

  1. Clearances
  2. Heat Policy
  3. Jet Player Points
  4. Permits
  5. Senior elite allocations
  6. No Zone
  7. Regrading
  8. Technical Fouls


These policies will be reviewed over the next 8 months to be brought up to speed. Clearances and Jet Player Points Policies were reviewed as a priority and will take effect for the incoming season (applied now for new season). A working group will review individual policies and make recommendations accordingly. The addition of an appeals process will be incorporated also, whilst most right now can be picked up by CPC it has been identified that a clear process needs to be available.

To view the new updates and all policies please see the Policies, Forms & Documents Section on our website under LOCAL BASKETBALL for all updated polices and operations manual.