Victorian Government announce funding for Stage 2 of Ballarat Sports & Events Centre

The Premier Dan Andrews and Regional Development Minister Jaala Pulford today announced funding of $5.2M that will allow the Stage 2 B.SEC project to be completed.

This announcement now means that there is bi-partisan support for Stage 2 of the B.SEC project which further opens the venue to our schools, tertiary institutions and University of the 3rd Age along with general sports use. This stage completes the vision set out by Basketball Ballarat back in 2012 and includes four 3 x 3 outdoor courts and a Strength, Conditioning and Learning Centre which will fully complete the Centre and maximise its potential.

The B.SEC project has evolved over time from a Ballarat focused plan to a Western Victorian regional project which will benefit the while of Western Victoria.

This work will complement the $24M for the Stage 1 project currently under construction which includes 6 new courts and a 3,000 seat showcourt capacity. The new B.SEC will open by June 2019.

This entire project has only been made possible with the combined, bipartisan funding and support of the Ballarat City Council and the Victorian and Federal Governments and Opposition.

This funding allowed us to achieve the vision for the B.SEC project and to get on with the planning and construction of the new venue which will open in late May 2019

Basketball Ballarat CEO Peter Eddy paid tribute to all those who had committed their support to the project over the past six years and especially to the officers from Sport Recreation Victoria, Regional Development Victoria and Council for their expert guidance and advice in promoting this project to both the State Government and Opposition.

Eddy also acknowledged the support of the Courier who saw value in this community project and backed the B.SEC vision with its encouragement and editorial support from 2012.

The completion of Stages 1 & 2 at B.SEC means we will have the capacity to allow for local and regional sports competitions, education & training, development camps and regional, state and national level sports and events opportunities at the Centre, Eddy added.

“This funding will provide Western Victoria with a nationally competitive Indoor Sports & Events venue and keep Ballarat and the Western region as one of the premier events host destinations in regional Australia”.