18 Girls B Blue and B Red to move to Monday night for competitions

The Championship Season of 2017 has attracted an increase in team entries, and when this is coupled with a higher number of VJBL Home Games on a Friday night it has become necessary to look at alternative arrangements to avoid having local games commencing as late as 9.50pm on a Friday night.

Clubs and players have been surveyed about a potential move for the U/18 Girls B grades to move their competitions to Monday night.

The response to this was overwhelmingly positive indicating that the change of night and time would suit the majority of the players and Clubs.

A check of the past season’s Friday night forfeits shows that all but one was related to the U/18 Girls.  A move away from this night for them may well provide for increased opportunities for Girls of this age to continue playing and would also open up a working and social opportunity for them.

A final check of the senior entries on a Monday night will allow us to schedule the U/18 Girls at 6pm and 6.50pm with an option for a 7.40pm game if this suited teams and coaches.

For seniors, it will see the re-introduction of 10.10pm games, however all grades will rotate through this time to share this evenly.  This example is yet another compromise which we have to work into our programming while we await the new stadium which is due to commence mid 2017 and be completed late 2018.  Once this is completed Basketball Ballarat will be able to meet its commitment of abolishing 10.10pm games across the board.

Basketball Ballarat are committed to removing 10.10pm game times from all competitions and the opening of the Ballarat Sports and Events Centre will help us to achieve this policy.

We appreciate that any change causes some inconvenience however our priority must be to offer the best competition options and experiences for players and families.