To put it simply, Basketball Victoria is supporting and driving the change to online individual registration for the following reasons:

  • To create a better user experience for participants and administrators
  • To provide extra resources to support and train, enabling a smooth transition to individual registration across the state
  • To facilitate an equitable fee structure throughout Victoria
  • To assist with an accurate, holistic database
  • To comply with the Australian Privacy Act, Privacy Principles and Data Breach Protection Scheme.

We are the only Tier 1 sport/state body that does not have an accurate statewide database of participants. In addition to the lack of accurate data, there are currently two different fee structures across the state for metropolitan and regional participants/associations. This poses a number of strategic concerns and a below-average user experience.

We are focused on providing the best experience for end users and administrators alike, providing ongoing benefits for participants, clubs and associations, as well as complying with the Australian Privacy Act, Privacy Principles and Data Protection legislation. Therefore, following feedback received from the basketball community and our obligations to deliver on our Strategic Plan (2017-2020), we aim to transition to online individual registration via a modern technology solution to our members and all basketball participants throughout 2020.

We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible with detailed training and support for our associations and their affiliated clubs via the best technology and user experience – the system is “Built by basketball, for basketball”.