If you wish to express interest in becoming a Ballarat Basketball scorer, please click the button below:

Scoring is a great way to make friends and be part of the game on a non court level. There are opportunities to stay at a domestic level, or move through the ranks from Big V, Nbl1,  WNBL, NBL, Commonwealth Games and Olympics. There are also many other opportunities along the way, such as Basketball Victoria events, association tournaments, etc.

Score table officials must maintain their standards, the same as players, referees and coaches. Workshops, clinics and evaluations are always offered to help upskill scorers or maintain knowledge.

Accreditations start at a level 1, and continue through to a level 4 being the highest accreditation. Level 1's should be competent on scoresheet, time, visuals and shot clock, and must hold a level 1 for 6 months before progression.

From Level 2 onwards, scorers will be shown all 5 scoring positions on a full scoring panel. These panels are mainly used in higher leagues, whereas domestic typically only use 2 scorers (or 3 if a shot clock is required).

We are always on the look out for new people to join our team at both domestic and elite level scoring.

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Ballarat Basketball and Victorian Basketball Scoretable Association (VBSA) have put in place documents and policies regarding accreditation and requirements for scorers to promote to higher levels. Below are some useful links and documents for scorers.


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