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2021 Sporting Globe Ballarat Senior Tournament and Presented by Bylsma Hire

The Sporting Globe Ballarat Senior Basketball Tournament is an annual event held at the Ballarat Sports Events Centre and Minerdome. The tournament offers teams of all abilities to enter with premier, A-C, social & master grades for both Men & Women's.

Those who come out on top in each grade will be awarded prize money. With Premier division having a greater cost equalling more reward.

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March 6 - 8, 2021



Premier division
Men & Women's
A-C Grades
A-C Grades



Premier division - $565
All other divisions - $370



Entries for the 2021 53rd Ballarat Senior Tournament are now open for any senior side that may play elite level, domestically, semi-regularly or for the first time together can enter.

COVID safety requirements will be enforced throughout the event as a key part of allowing this event to go ahead. We will keep you update to date as we go along. *Refunds will be arranged if COVID changes permit.

For more information please contact Mark at [email protected]


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