2020 Winter Season Entries: Basketball Ballarat

Our return to play is edging closer with juniors pencilled for July 13 start date and seniors July 20. These dates are what we will work towards pending government and state body announcements which may see a postponement or pause during the season.

Our return to play season will be a “lightning Premiership” style competition focussing on being able to return to play and being active. Juniors will play a 10 week season and Seniors 9 weeks concluding the week of 14/9/2020 (finals week).

Each division will be capped at 11 teams for juniors and 10 teams for seniors to allow each team to play once. This maximises playing opportunities for all teams and keeps our season lengths in line as normal.

Game play time will remain as normal with 20 minute halves, with altered rules to be promoted shortly but ultimately we will play games with 2 x 20 minute halves from recommencement.

In the event that the season is forced to pause from more than 2 weeks, the current format will be extended until December 2020. New entries can be accepted in the September holidays or as approved by the basketball office.

All safety measures and cleaning arrangements will be sent to confirmed teams, players, clubs and officials through the Play HQ database. Please note that Basketball Ballarat will ensure all standards are adhered to and measures taken. Ensuring our members are protected and are as safe as possible when playing.


Age Groups:

8 and Under – Players born on or after 20/9/2012

Under 10 – Players born in 2011, 2012

Under 12 – Players born in 2009 and 2010

Under 14 – Players born in 2007 and 2008

Under 16 – Players born in 2005 and 2006

Under 19 – Players born in 2002, 2003, 2004

Under 21 – Players born in 2000, 2001

Masters - 1985 and earlier

  • Players must be 15 years of age to compete in Senior Competitions.




All entries are completed via PLAY HQ. Entries are submitted by the club/team in the competition they are best suited to honestly. There will be no grading period so this process is needed to be completed in good faith by all.



If you play under one of the eight major clubs banners your team entry must come from the club. Please get in contact with the club to finalise entry.



To submit your team entry please complete this by going directly through the Play HQ link below:


Teams will need to have a bond according to the memo sent by CEO on 9/6/2020. All teams will be confirmed by the Basketball Office to have a bond prior to restart.

It will be the responsibility of the Team Manager or Person who submits the team to have all players register to the team via the link provided once submission is complete. The link is automatically activated once the entry is finalised. For help with this please contact compsmanager@ballaratbasketball.com



Entries Close Monday 6th of July @ 12 noon.

Please find attached promotional posters for both junior and senior competitions. To find out more about Play HQ or register a player/team head to: https://www.ballaratbasketball.com/playhq/


Season restart poster Senior
Season restart poster Junior