Active mums staying fit through basketball

Thursday morning ladies daytime basketball is a fun, social and inclusive competition for women wanting to get that little bit of fitness in, get moving again after giving birth or just simply fill in some time.

Competitions run from 9.30am at the Mars® Minerdome allowing ample time for school drop offs or day-care runs. Each game has an hour which offers extra timeouts, breathers, social chats or even to open that drink/ food for the kids sitting and watching or playing on the courts next to the game.

This is not just for mums with a range of players from 17 through to 75 years of age playing for all different reasons. Some have played since the start of the competition, some are playing because there is no university for them on a Thursday morning. Prams on the side of the court and mums regularly check-up while the game is running so there won’t be a crying child for long.

Players don’t need any background in basketball or sport for that matter. If you are capable of walking up and down a court and catching a ball occasionally then this competition is for you! Teams pay a team sheet each week which is organised through one of the experienced team managers so you don’t need to stress about that, jerseys are organised on the spot so you will never miss a game and if your running late that’s ok just jump on when you get here.

We are currently seeking more players to join our teams so if you think you would like to come in and give it a go it’s very simple. Either contact Matt Newton at the Minerdome office 5330 1220 or via email Or come in at either 9.15am or 10.15am on Thursday mornings and we will get you into a team!