Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Return to Play

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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page as per the Return to Play strategy which has been produced by Basketball Victoria & Netball Victoria in line with the State Government. Please ensure you read the below should you have a questions to raise with your club.


Stay home if you are unwell, especially if you have a fever, are coughing, feeling fatigued, have a shortness of breath or a sore throat.

Updated July 31st, 2020 


Q1: Can I enter the stadium if I arrive 15minutes prior to my game time?
No, please wait in your car until the ten minute mark when the doors will be unlocked.  You may move towards the doorway as the time approaches but maintain social distancing on concourse areas and proceed through the doorway when it opens in a safe and orderly fashion.

Q2: My team only has seven players, can we arrange to have ten parents attend?
A: There are no real patron limits anymore other than the venue must abide by 1 per 4m2 rule.  In a practical sense each court has been listed as capable of having up to 50 spectators.  Around 4o can be seated and any extras may stand 1.5m apart

Q3: I am a single parent and have other children in my care, can I bring them in?
A: Yes

Q4: I have another child playing in the next game time, can I bring them both in?
A:  Yes but  everyone must vacate an area to allow for cleaning in between games.

Q5: I am playing a second game later in the day, can I wait around?
A: No as per answer in Q4

Q6: Can I enter the stadium for my game if I am running late?
A: No, the doors will be locked at the advertised starting time so that the Bio-safety Officers can account for all in place and allow the game to start.

Q7: Will the cafes be open?
A: The short answer is no, this will be re-assessed as the season unfolds.

Q8: I know I am playing at the Minerdome but can’t remember which court.
A: The BSO has a list of games and courts.

Q9: Can I move around the courts to look at other games?
A: No, once seated in the correct spectator location you may only leave that area to go to the toilets and you must immediately return to that location.

Q10: What do I need to do for contact tracing?
A: The player details are recorded via Play HQ for basketball and via team sheet for Netball.  This will usually apply for the Coach and Team Manager as well.  All other spectators must scan the appropriate QR code for the court they are entering using the camera function on their Smart phone and entering their details.  Once this is done this information will be remembered for subsequent visits to the courts.  The Bio Safety Office will review the number of spectators at a court against the QR scans for that court and if there is any discrepancy will move around the space checking who has not scanned.

Q11: Usually at the end of the game we all get together with the Coach and the other parents to talk about the game and congratulate the team on their performance, can we still do that?
A: No, everyone must leave the court space via the door they came in promptly and vacate the stadium in order that cleaning can be done in preparation for the next game.  The Bio-safety Officer will be active at this point.  Any game reviews should be done via social media and not in the car park either.

Q12: What do we do if a player or a family member test positive?
A: In addition to all the Department of Heath and Human Services requirements, notify us immediately so we can provide all authorities with the contact tracing lists relevant to that person when in our venues.  The person to contact is Mark Valentine on

Q13: What else is happening at the venues to assist in providing a safe environment for competition?
A: The video produced by Basketball Ballarat which can be viewed on the website is a great starting point for understanding much of what is happening at our venues on game day.

Sanitization stations will be set up at the entrances and at BSEC also in the main passageway.  Sanitization bottles and wipes will be placed at each scorebench.  Game balls will be wiped prior to game commencing and at time outs and breaks.  At the conclusion of each game cleaners will be working through all the courts in that hall attending to seats, benches, door handles and as time permits the floor and backboards and rings.  The toilets will be cleaned at each break as well.  Games are off-set between halls so that movement of players and parents is minimized – if games run on time there should be no interaction between halls.  Referees and umpires will remain on the same court during a game period.  There is a a Bio-safety Officer monitoring the games in one or two halls and moving all in and out in a prompt manner.  Players and parent/guardians enter and exit their court by the appropriate court door.  All doors will be pinned open.  Seating has been spaced.  Drink fountains have been blocked off.

Q14: How do I pay for my game?
A: All payments for Senior games and U/16 and U/19 games are to be done preferably prior to game day via Eftpos or a team manager app.  It will be possible for a single team sheet payment to be made on game day in the Hall you are playing in via eftpos.  No cash payments are acceptable and no cash must be exchanged in the venues.  A training session/video will be organised to demonstrate this in near future.  Payments for U/8 to U/14 games will be made via an individual prepayment.  Prepaid ticket via Try Booking system has been organised.

Q15: Can we rotate a player through the scorebench if we haven’t got someone to do the job?
A: NO. In the interests of minimizing cross contamination especially for a permanent scorer for the other team, all teams must provide one scorer for the game.  This may mean that one player may have to sit out for that week.

Q16: What if we get enquiries from new out of town players?
A: All new player enquiries must submit a document of proof indicating their place of residence and the school they attend.  Be reminded that there are substantial fines for breaches of lock down conditions and complicity by a Club might land someone in serious trouble.  Clubs should audit any players who are currently on their lists who live close to the lock down boundaries and make sure that their residence and school are both outside the lock down zone.

Q17: Are we conducting health checks on arrival?
A: Basketball Victoria has not made temperature checks mandatory, so ours will be a visual check by the door person.  However all are reminded of what was stated at the start of this document, and we remain in touch with BV directives and will adjust if this aspect evolves.

Q18: What does Orange 50 mean for Senior competition?
A: It means that additional spectators can come into the games  (See Q4)

Q19: What happens if there is an injury on the court?
A: Normal assessment by referees and Bio-safety Officer will initially be conducted, however a prompt decision will be made if it looks as though an ambulance will need to be called.  The court will be cleared and players may be directed to leave via a fire escape.  If it occurs in the first half the game is declared a draw, if in second half the team in front will be declared the winner.

Q20: Can an additional parent/guardian come to a Junior Game if the other parent is a Coach, Team Manager or Scorer?
A: See Q4

Q21: Can a player enter with one parent and leave when the other parent, who is staying for the game, arrives?
A: See Q4

Q22 What does a Coach/Team Manager do at the door if they do not have a child playing in that team?
See Q4

Q23 Can Clubs bring in a Mentor Coach to sit alongside a young beginner coach?
A: For the Lightning Premiership season the answer is no, however this will be revisited for our next season.  This also applies to additional junior coaches sitting in with the team coach to learn the ropes.  This is not the season, at least in the first instance to be bringing more people into the game spaces.  Bench side must only be 2 coaches, 2 Team Managers, 2 scorers and substitute players.

Q25: Can players come to games on their own?
A:Yes they can.  Parents can make arrangements to collect children in the carpark if they have other commitments.  If a player is dropped at the door while a parent goes off to find a carpark, that parent only has the 10 minute window to get in for the game.

Q26: Can Under-8 Coaches go on the court?
A: No