After a successful launch 12 months ago it’s time to re-launch the Give respect and get respect campaign. all major clubs played a big part in this program ensuring that their members abided by these simple dot points.

The plan to re-launch the campaign is to work with the referees in the first instance.  The angle taken last time may have included them, but the inference was firmly that players, spectators, coaches should respect the work of the referees.  This time the referees should act in a manner to earn respect.


Simple matters that they will be expected to attend to will be –

  • Punctuality to each and every game
  • Attend to dress standards
  • Speaking with both team coaches and/or captains even if just procedure about timing of getting game underway
  • Assistance with getting tablet information completed
  • Explanation given if the other referee is occupied on another court
  • Setting of warm up period at 2 or 3 mins (do not set to 23 and let clock run)
  • Announce as clock runs down that game will commence in 1 min or 30 sec and call teams to the court
  • Check that all is in order with scorebench and have them set clock to 20mins
  • Be attentive at time outs and half time and warn teams of game about to recommence
  • After half time again check all is in order and have bench set the clock.
  • Engage in positive comments about team behaviour, player attitude etc with coaches and players as hand-shaking occurs