Return To Play Update – 28/07/21

Dear Members,


Yesterday’s State Government announcements regarding return sport post lockdown was certainly welcomed by all involved.


Basketball Victoria were able to lobby successfully and as a result promoted an ORANGE-50 return model with density caps to be confirmed fully. This confirmation was required as many buildings have more than 1 court in a space or hall.


An Association Zoom meeting was held this morning with Basketball Victoria who have clarified the outstanding information to return to sport. These rules are enforced by State Government and Basketball Victoria which means that Basketball Ballarat must adjust slightly to ensure our compliance. These rules are in force until further restrictions are announced by State Government.


  • Ballarat is able to have 100 people per space in any given time.
  • The 100 people per space includes all staff, officials, players and parents/guardians.
  • Minerdome is considered 2 spaces and Ballarat Sports Events Centre is considered 3 spaces.
  • QR check-in is mandatory prior to entry and a COVID check in Marshal must be present at every entrance point to a building.
  • Masks are mandatory to be worn inside the venue at all times. Only players and referees may remove them when they commence their warmup/game.
  • No spectators are allowed to attend games.
  • A player who is under the age of 18 may bring 1 parent/guardian with them but that is all, there is no other exceptions for extra spectators.


Basketball Ballarat have had to make adjustments to the fixtures for this period limiting games in halls and creating more cleaning gaps into sessions. There is also a requirement to have more staff and COVID Marshals to comply with everything required to return safely. We understand that these rules and regulations wont suit all players and families and we wish we could have more people attend to watch loved ones play. Reality is that if we are to continue to successfully play and keep our members safe some small sacrifices need to be made. Sacrifices that we have had to make over the past 18 months and have shown our resilience in these times.


Please see attached and updated return to play summary sheet. These rules will be required to be in force until restrictions ease further. Our staff are here to help players return to the courts and do something that is “normal” and safe, we hope that your support will make this an enjoyable experience for all.


For more details from Basketball Victoria please see their website: