Season in review: 2019/20 Summer Season – Seniors

The 2019/20 Summer Season was an exciting time for senior competitions. Gone are the days of 10.10pm games, opportunities to play on the new courts of B.SEC regularly and the opportunity to continue playing Basketball.

As we reached the finals series the Covid-19 pandemic took over halting all play and effectively closing the season. It was set to be a cracking finals series with many divisions being finalized at the last game of the regular season. The A grade comps had five live teams in each division respectively, with the B grade comps having closer to six teams in each division looking to gain entry into finals.

The Thursday night Masters division were set to be a competitive finals series with Rollers going undefeated to date but would be pushed by normal threats of Skin Ski & Surf and Greg Smith Homes. Relative new comers Hop Temple Hoppers were playing some great basketball to be right near the top when the whips were cracking.

Thursday Men’s Social was being dominated by the main culprits in Spaces, Scorpions and Cougars but there were teams that were pushing hard to make it competitive in what was probably the strongest competition in years. The Women’s comp was similar with Skin Ski & Surf and The Underground Foxes the front runners but with another four teams not letting up anything could have happened.

Wednesday Men’s which hosted 38 teams across four division always proves to be a popular and competitive night of basketball. Only one side was undefeated across all competitions with Scorpions Vice in Wednesday 1 proving to be a headache to opponents. The Mixed competition was also hotly contested with one of the R.F Scott & Co Foxes teams poised to go into finals undefeated.

We were set to witness a very interesting finals series no matter what night you came to watch. Whilst the desired result is always a win, many players continue to play basketball to stay fit and active with friends. Perhaps something that will be reflected upon by many during this time of isolation and re-energise players to continue or join back in once this is all over.

Whilst no winners will be crowned for the season we would like to acknowledge the minor premiers of each division prior to the lock down. Once this lockdown finishes we hope to see everyone present, past and new walk back through the doors and once again enjoy playing basketball.


Minor Premiers:

A Men: Phoenix Blue

A Women: Saints

A1 Men: Rollers

A1 Women: Saints Blue

A2 Men: Sovereign Knights Purple

B Men Blue: Wolverines

B Men Red: Lacers

B Men Red Reserve: Firebirds

B Women Blue: Powder Blue

B Women Red: Aardvarks

Masters 1: Rollers

Masters 2: Jordinatrics

Thursday Men: Spaces

Thursday Women: Skin Ski & Surf

Wednesday Men’s 1: Scorpions Vice

Wednesday Men’s 2: Phoenix White

Wednesday Men’s 3: The Comebacks

Wednesday Men’s 4: Dead Lizards

Wednesday Mixed: R.F Scott and Co Foxes Black