STATEMENT: Return to Play – 3.00pm, Monday 23rd of November 2020

As of Monday 23rd of November State Government have made significant changes to the COVID-19 restrictions and we have now moved to ‘Last Step’.


Although we now have the ability to resume contact and non-contact indoor sport, there are still regulations to uphold. These include group number restrictions as well as facility capacity numbers. In saying this, we are asking for your patience whilst we sift through the finer details of what the new rules look like. For example; are we permitted to have groups/classes of 20, but is that per basketball court, per hall or per stadium (hall 1, 2, 3 or Minerdome and BSEC in general)


At this point in time, none of the State Sporting Governing bodies have released a return to play plan as they too are trying to sort through the fine print. As has been in the past, our users are obliged to follow the return to play guidelines set out by their respective state body, so until these are available, we will continue to run under the restrictions in place prior to November 22. Once we have clarification of the restrictions and the return to play guidelines are announced, we will notify you all of what is required to make your bookings and return to play. Until then, please be patient and know that we are doing all we can to get sport back to the Ballarat. Everyone is eager to commence something in some capacity, but we want to do it safely and in line with state body guidelines.


Please keep an eye on our socials, website and club pages for more information as it comes to hand.




Matt Newton
Competitions & Programs Manager