1989 VBA Grand Final Reunion Dinner

THIS was one of Ballarat Miners’ biggest matches, one they were never supposed to win.

Twenty-five years ago, the Miners defeated National Basketball League heavyweight Melbourne Tigers for Victorian Basketball Association title glory.

There were more than 800 Miners fans packed into the small stadium, and anyone not wearing Tigers colours wanted to see them defeated.

The Miners – led by coach Al Westover, captain Glenn White and arguably their greatest-ever import, prolific scorer Eric Cooks – finished the 1989 VBA season with a 19-6 record, but was marked a clear outside chance against the star-studded Tigers, led by Andrew Gaze and coached by his father Lindsay in the final.

But the Miners secured a five-point victory, earning national notoriety.

Success against the Tigers was only the beginning for the Miners in 1989.

They continued on to capture the SEABL and Victorian Country Basketball Championships crown as well. This feat has never been repeated.

The Miners will mark the anniversary of their title win on July 19 with a reunion dinner deep in Miners’ territory, on court one at the MARS® Minerdome.

They will relive every moment, with the match played on big screens court side, with live player interviews as the match pans out.

To book your seat or a table please email rsvp.events@ballaratbasketball.com Confirmed and paid bookings by 11/07/14