2016 Ballarat Senior Tournament Team Entry







  1. The BALLARAT Tournament is open to all Clubs and / or Association teams.
  1. All games will be played under F.I.B.A. Rules, excepting for the specific tournament rules as listed.
  1. Teams must supply own warm-up basketballs.
  1. Teams cannot commence a game with less than FOUR (4) players and no more than TEN (l0) players may take the court in any one game.
  1. Extra time in case of a drawn game is three minutes. Each team will be allowed one (1) time out for every extra period. Two periods of extra time may be played if necessary. If the teams are still tied at the end of two extra periods of play then the first team to score in the third extra period shall be the winner.



  1. Games consist of two(2) twenty(20) minute halves.
  1. Half time will be one(1) minute.
  1. Warmup time will be three(3) minutes.
  1. Clock will stop for all time outs, as well as all whistles in the last one(1) minute of the second half. Each team is permitted one(1) time out per half of one(1) minute.


  1. Each game will be 2 x 20minute halves, with a one minute break at half time.
  1. Warmup time will be three(3) minutes.
  1. Teams may have 2 time out each per half of one minute duration.
  1. The clock will stop for all time outs in both halves, and will stop for all whistles in the last one(1) minute of the first half and the last three minutes of the second half.
  1. All teams must supply a competent timekeeper or scorer and scoresheets must be filled in at least ten (10) Minutes prior to tip-off.


  1. Players not wearing registered team uniform will not be allowed on the court.
  1. Each team must have an alternate set of playing uniforms. In the event of a clash of uniforms a toss of a coin will determine which team will have the right to use their uniform.


  1. To be eligible to play in Semi Finals and Grand Finals a player must be named on the scoresheet and be present on the bench in two (2) preliminary games which may include quarter finals.


Ties for positions will be decided as follows:

  1. THREE – WAY TIE: Percentage on games played between teams equal on points. TWO – WAY TIE: Result of game played between the two teams.
  2. In the event of teams not meeting, the position will be decided on overall percentage.


  1. All protests must be in writing and lodged with the Tournament Committee, accompanied by a $50.00 bond, within one (1) hour of the conclusion of the game. If a complaint is found to be frivolous, then the $50.00 bond will be forfeited.
  1. All decisions made by the Tournament Committee and/or Tribunal Committee shall be final.


  1. Teams must check the Official Notice Board at the MARS®Minerdome, or the Sporting Pulse / SportsTG App prior to their first game and regularly during the tournament for alterations to draws, times, games etc.
  1. If a team withdraws after the draw is completed, half the nomination fee will be forfeited.
  1. The aim of the Tournament Committee is to provide teams with a minimum of four (4) games. Late withdrawals may make this unattainable.
  1. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to combine Grades, or to cancel any division or grade if insufficient entries are received.


  1. Size 6 Basketball for all Women’s games. Size 7 Basketball for Men.


  1. The minimum age to participate is 14, Masters Men may compete if they turn 35 in the Tournament Calendar Year, Masters Women may compete if they turn 30 in the Tournament Calendar Year.


  1. Players and bench staff who receive a technical foul will in the first instance have a five(5) minute penalty imposed. A player must be substituted out of the game for five(5) playing minutes (times to be noted on the scoresheet).  A coach or manager must move to the far end of the bench and may not instruct in any manner for the penalty period of five (5) minutes (times to be noted on the scoresheet).  Any subsequent technical foul for players or bench staff will result in disqualification.