2019/20 Summer Season- LAST CHANCE FOR ENTRIES

SENIORS SECTION: (Juniors are below)

Senior Entries: Team entries are now open! Some exciting new divisions opening up including options for Mixed on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday. You can play in one comp, two comps or three comps for Mixed as they are all social competitions it’s up to you. Still the rules apply only one mixed game per night. B Grade competitions will be split into three divisions if team entries permit to allow smaller divisions and the chance to play teams multiple times.

For the ladies options include Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (day and night) with mixed also. Thursday Ladies daytime we can accept team or individual entries it’s up to you. Thursday Ladies daytime comps are relaxed settings with lots of kids around and uniform rules relaxed. It’s all about having some fun and running or walking up and down the court.

Wheelchair competitions are also available on a Monday night. These comps specifically run 6pm until 7.30pm at the Minerdome and cater for all abilities. If you unsure if it’s for you maybe just come and try it week 1 and see how you go? No team bonds required, rock up and pay if you play and if it’s not for you no dramas!

BRAND NEW TEAMS: If you want to start a new team you need:

  1. A team name that’s not taken already (check with the basketball office)
  2. 8 players on the team sheet
  3. Pay the $275 bond to lock your spot in
  4. Order your team uniform (reversible jerseys are recommended)
  5. Each player to complete the online BVC insurance

EXISTING TEAMS OR TEAMS THAT HAVE A BOND IN PLACE: You need to complete the entry form with all players’ names on it and ticking the division your team wishes to enter. As it’s a new BVC insurance/rego period we do need all players listed on the sheet. Teams are subject to grading as usual according to entry numbers.


ALL TEAMS NEW AND EXISTING: Entry forms need to be in by Sunday 22nd of September 2019. These can either be completed and sent back to matt.newton@ballaratbasketball.com or dropped into the Minerdome or BSEC reception points.



2019-20 Summer Season_Senior Entry Form



Junior Entries: junior clubs are well underway organising the new season entries. If you are an existing player please contact your club for details and most likely and intention to play form. Junior entries close on Sunday 22nd of September also.

New juniors wanting to start: If you want to start playing the best way is to contact one of our 8 clubs directly as they handle all junior team entries and uniforms as such. They can help you register, pay club fees and communicate anything special you may need to know. As you could imagine clubs are extremely busy so best option is to email the club with the player’s name, DOB, address, email and mailing address and contact number. This way they can easily get back in touch


Our season will commence on October 7 for both Junior and Senior grades and play through till December 17 before we break for Christmas. Junior will commence when school returns in 2020 with some senior grades returning earlier.