3on3 Ballarat Tournament

3 on 3 is finally here Ballarat!

Our very first junior tournament right here in Ballarat during the Easter Holidays. Held over three days, two of which are qualifying days and teams progressing through for the final playoff day. All teams entered play on both the 9/4/18 and 11/4/18 and teams will progress through to playoff day held on 12/4/18. each day will run from 3pm till 6pm so it will be fast paced, exciting and most of all entertaining!

The tournament will have 3 age groups available: Mens under 17, Mens under 23 and Womens under 20.

The cost per team is $50 which includes a minimum of 4 games. Each team will consist of 4 players only and each team can only have 1 Blue JET player or 1 Youth League player in it.

There is no need to be affiliated with a club BUT if you would like to use club uniforms please get approval from the club prior to entering. Otherwise you can wear NBA Jerseys, NBL jerseys, NFL, AFL, Soccer, business jerseys anything you like as long as the 4 players have the same colour jerseys. Worst case we have jerseys here we can deck the team out in.

To enter download the entry form below: ENTRIES CLOSE THURSDAY 5th OF APRIL.