General Club Insurance

The link for registering a player is:

The link for registering a team:


You must complete the following in order:

  1. To register a player: Players must register themselves first before being able to register a team
  2. To register a team: Once a player has registered themselves if they log in to there profile and select Ballarat Basketball Association there is a registration tab, please click registration and follow the prompts to register your team.

Once the team is registered you will be supplied a link to forward to players for them to then register to your team.

  1. To register a player to a team: The player will require the team link from the team contact who set up the team under there profile on Play HQ

Please Note: There is no link for a player to register a team, when the team contact registers a team the will be supplied a link by play HQ  to then forward on to team contacts to then allow themselves to that team.