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Welcome to the Referee section of the Home-Stay-Play Program by Ballarat Basketball.

We will be providing weekly updates on:
- Fitness programs which can be utilised during the lockdown period
- Educational resources
- Decision making clips
- Rule quizzes


These are aimed to focus on a referee perspective, however have also been tailored to be understood by players, spectators and coaches.


It is important to ensure that referees and all others involved in sports continue to keep engaged and connected with associations, as well as maintaining rule knowledge and growing on their skill set. This period is the perfect opportunity to focus on the 'behind the scenes' theory learning, which can sometimes be overlooked and underestimated when on court.


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Stay home program Refs


Below is a list of resources that can be used by referees in regards to rules, officiating tips, pathways, etc.

The Home-Stay-Play team would like to thank everyone for their support and for staying tuned with our content being produced weekly. For any further information or to get in touch with Chloe on refereeing, click on the ‘Domestic’ tab on the menu bar of our website, then the ‘Referee’ tab.

Resources List:

Basketball Victoria Officials: http://vbra.basketball.net.au/

Fouls: https://youtu.be/08QIxH0KCPY

Violations: https://youtu.be/kYU6fF8wst0

Signals: https://youtu.be/jZsMjZXgXV8

Unsportsmanlike Video: https://vimeo.com/247241083


BV Rule of the Week

Last week’s answer:

Answer = FALSE, ARTICLE 33.4

When judging a charge/block situation involving a player with the ball, an official shall

use the following principles:

When moving to maintain the initial legal guarding position, one foot or both feet may be off the floor for an instant, as long as the movement is lateral or backwards, but not towards the player with the ball.

Contact must occur on the torso, in which case the defensive player would be considered as having been at the place of contact first.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

This week’s session is re-trying the Yo-Yo Test. This was uploaded in the Week 6 content with a full run down on how to complete the test. Complete the test again this week and see if you have an improvement in your results.

Good luck!


Coaches Session: Referees Roles & Communication

Recorded video of last week’s live Zoom session with coaches about referees. It gives coaches an insight into the referee’s roles during a game, including communication lines between coaches and referees.




BV Rule of the Week

This Rule of the Week:

A4 is dribbling the ball when B4 takes the legal guarding position in the path of A4. B4 then moves laterally to maintain a guarding position in the path of A4. A4 makes contact to the torso of B4 while B4 is still moving with neither foot touching the floor. The foul shall be charged to B4.

True or False?


Last week’s answer:

Answer = in this situation, by the time the screener gets a foot in front of the defender, contact has already occurred. Illegal Screen


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

This week’s session is a strength session.

Listening to the song ‘Thunderstruck’ by ACDC, hold a plank position. Every time you hear the word ‘thunder’ in the song, complete one push up. See if you can last the entire song.

You can also try squats to the song ‘Flower’ by Moby. Every time you hear ‘bring Sally up’ stand up normally. Whenever you hear ‘bring Sally down’, squat down and hold this position until you can come back up.



This week’s video is on tribunals and the processes involved in a tribunal hearing. We discuss the reporting process, preparing for the hearing, how a tribunal hearing is ran, and appeals/alternative procedures.




BV Rule of the Week

This week’s clip of the week is:




Last week’s answer:

Answer = The rule:

A player shall not remain in the opponents' restricted area for more than 3 consecutive seconds while his team is in control of a live ball in the front court and the game clock is running.

Allowances must be made for a player who:

  • Makes an attempt to leave the restricted area.
  • Is in the restricted area when he or his team-mate is in the act of shooting and

the ball is leaving or has just left the player's hand(s) on the shot for a field goal.

  • Dribbles in the restricted area to shoot for a field goal after having been there for

less than 3 consecutive seconds.

To establish himself outside the restricted area, the player must place both feet on the floor outside the restricted area.

Yes, the player was in the restricted area for too long.

No, the player did not leave the restricted area by placing both feet on the ground outside the area.

No, the official did not give consideration to the team mate in the act of shooting.

This should have been a NO CALL.

Explanation: The official should have been giving verbal advice to the offending player to get out of the restricted area.

The call should have been made earlier, or not at all.

The offending player was never a threat on the final drive to the basket by the offence.

In domestic competition an explanation to the offending player would assist in understanding of the rule regarding both feet grounded to assist with understanding of the rule.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

This week’s session is an interval training session.

Using any running space, keep a slow jogging pace for 30 seconds, a high jogging pace for 20 seconds then a sprint for 10 seconds. Continue this for 4 rounds (4 minutes) before having a 1 minute break. Repeat this for 4 rounds.

This adds up to a total of 20 minutes, and is a quick and easy way to tire yourself out with a running drill! If your feeling up to the challenge, try this for 8 rounds. This will be a 40 minute drill, and would roughly replicate the playing time of a game of basketball!


Block/Charge Rule

This week’s video is on the block/charge ruling and the differentiation between the two. We also discuss the different contact principles such as the legal guarding position and cylinder principle.




BV Rule of the Week

This week’s clip of the week is:




Last week’s answer:

Answer = Yes. Any player as designated by the coach may attempt the free throws. However, if a player from the team bench is awarded the free throws, he must remain in the game after the free throws.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

This week’s session is based around fun cardio. All you will need is a good amount of running space and headphones or a speaker. With the songs listed below, run/walk to the pace of the song.

You can use any songs of your choice, but try to choose fast paced songs for the running and slow paced songs for recovery and walking.

The Warm-Up:

  • Raise Your Glass – Pink (Walk)
  • Blow – Kesha (Slow Jog)


  • Hey Ya! – Outkast (Run, Sprint for Chorus)
  • Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke (Walk/Slow Jog)
  • Forever – Drake, Kanye West & Eminem (Run, Sprint for Chorus)
  • Lights – Ellie Goulding – (Walk/Slow Jog)
  • Pain – Three Days Grace (Run, Sprint for Chorus)
  • Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons (Walk/Slow Jog)
  • In Pieces – Linkin Park (Run, Sprint for Chorus)

Cool Down:

  • All These Things I Have Done – The Killers (Walk/ Slow Jog)
  • Sail – Awolnation (Walk)

Travel Rule

This week’s video is on the travel rule. This rule was updated in 2017 to be more inline with the NBA standard rules, with the inclusion of a ‘gather step’ or ‘zero step’. This video made by Basketball Victoria is a great resource that outlines the different types of movements by players and how the travel rule applies during a game, how it can be manipulated and what is illegal vs legal movement.




BV Rule of the Week

This week’s rule of the week is:

A technical foul has been called. Can a player, who was on the team bench when the technical foul was called, attempt the free throws?


Last week’s answer:

Answer =  This was an interesting situation:

Trail position was relatively good, penetration was below the netball line, expected for the play.

There was good vision on the play.

Lead had prior knowledge of the teams and knew what the play was going to be, a pass out to the 3 point shooter. Lead was not going to have a whistle on this play as a result of this knowledge.

The defensive player had a legal guarding position. Movement was lateral and verticality was maintained. There was no defensive foul.

Trail did not have an open mindset on the play and did not hold the whistle to see the result of the action. If trail had held for a fraction longer, no whistle would have been necessary.

All of us will be better officials if we wait for the result.

Both officials made very few errors in this game, although they came from different knowledge of the teams. This situation went against other calls throughout the game.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

Pyramid – start at the top of the pyramid and work your way down. Once you finish your 10 burpees, have a 1 minute rest then make your way back up the pyramid again!

Be sure to have a 30 second rest between each exercise:

50 x mountain climbers

40 x high knees

30 x crunches

20 x jump squats

10 x burpees

1 minute rest




3 Person Officiating

This week’s video is based on 3 person officiating. Rod Bush, Chair of the Basketball Victoria TOC, takes us through the simple mechanics around refereeing basketball with 3 people.



BV Rule of the Week

This week we have a ‘What’s Your Decision’ clip.

This week’s clip is:




Last week’s answer:

Answer = BLOCK

Failure to establish a legal guarding position. Initially established a legal position, but this was about 2 metres short of the contact, then moved forward and across in an attempt to establish a new position in the path of the ball handler, but was never there before contact occurred. Contact was not on the torso, feet were not on the floor and the defence was still moving forward.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

Spelling Work Out:

From the list below, spell your full name. Complete for 3 rounds. Don’t forget to warm up, and stretch afterwards!
















Conflict Management

This week we will discuss conflict management. We discuss how to resolve any conflict which may occur during a game, as well as how to minimise it to avoid escalation in the first place.




Mental Skills

Attached is an article about mental skills and preparation for a game by officials. It talks about handling emotions, relaxation techniques, and self control through pre-game routines as well as handling emotions during a game.

You can find a copy of this here Mental Skills.


BV Rule of the Week

This week we have a ‘What’s Your Decision’ clip.

This week’s clip is:



Last week’s answer:

Answer = FALSE, Interpretations Manual Article 44.8 and 44.11


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

This week’s fitness session/challenge is a Yo-Yo Test. The Yo-Yo Test is used as the fitness test among referees who are looking to progress to level 1 and above. Below you will find the set up, how to run your own Yo-Yo test, and the pass rate for Victorian referees.


Set Up:

Place cones, shoes, or any item that can be used as a marker 20 metres apart (B and C). Also place a marker (cone A) around 5 metres before cone B.

You may need a speaker or headphones of some sort to be able to hear the audio, which is attached in the below link:


How To Run The Test:

Starting at cone B, participants will run to cone C to back to cone B when instructed to do so with the attached audio. After running up and back, participants walk from cone B to cone A, which allows for an active recovery break before running again.

At regular intervals, the required running speed increases. The test continues until the participants are no longer able to keep up with the required pace. The first time you do not meet the line before the beep, is your warning. The second time, the test is over.



START:          5.1


11.1 / 11.2

12.1 / 12.2 / 12.3

13.1 / 13.2 / 13.3 / 13.4

14.1 / 14.2 / 14.3 / 14.4 /14.5 / 14.6 / 14.7 / 14.8

Does progress further than this, however 14.8 is the highest needed for Victorian referees (see below).


Norms/Qualification Levels:

MALE:            Less than age 30                 =          14.8

Aged 30 - 44                        =          14.4

Aged 45 & Over                  =          Beep Test Complete Level 8


FEMALE:       Less than age 30                 =          13.4

Aged 30 - 44                        =          12.3

Aged 45 & Over                  =          Beep Test Complete Level 6





Pre-Game Duties & Discussion

This week, our video is focused on the referees duties before the commencement of a game, as well as discussion with your partnering referee prior to taking the court.




FIBA Fitness Manual

Please find attached the FIBA Fitness Manual which has been rolled out by FIBA during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has some great points about healthy living and staying active and fit during the downtime.

The manual covers topics such as sleep, nutrition and some same exercise circuits which could be used at home with minimal to no equipment.


BV Rule of the Week

This week’s rule of the week is:

Red 4 fouls Blue 5 and this is Red teams 5th foul for the period.

Erroneously, Blue 5 is awarded a throw-in instead of two free throws. After the throw-in, Blue 6 scores a field goal. Before the ball becomes live, the officials recognise the error. Two free throws shall be awarded to Blue 5 and play shall resume as normal.

True OR False?? Answer will be posted next week.


Last week’s answer:

Answer = Although the screening player was essentially within the visual field of the defence, he never maintained a legal position, moving his hips and elbow out to cause significant contact. Advantage was gained as the ball handler was then able to continue his motion, whilst the screening player rolled to the basket for a relatively easy scoring opportunity. (Pick and roll). Trail official did not open vision to see the screen, but stayed with the ball handler.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week - BV Push-Up Challenge

Let's give this a crack!

Basketball Victoria TOD has set up a Community for the upcoming ‘Push Up Challenge’.


‘The Push-Up Challenge is a great way to promote fitness, mental health and community spirit with your friends and co-workers while raising funds for a worthy cause’. See attached flyer for more information.


We would like Associations to form some teams for the 2020 Push up Challenge starting Monday 11th, so all our current and upcoming Victorian Referees can join in the fun! You will be able to track the progress of your team and other teams within our community.


You can choose to raise funds for Headspace, and / OR you can participate for the physical activity, mental health awareness, team environment and state initiative (so many great reasons to get involved!) This is open to ALL referees; domestic or leagues, the more the merrier.




This is the link to the Push Up Challenge to join the Ballarat team. Please join me and other officials in Victoria in raising awareness for mental health, as well as keeping fit in iso!


Any types of push ups are welcome. Wall push ups, knee push ups, full push ups, whatever you're capable of.


Let’s all try get onto this and be one of the top associations to participate! 😁😁


2 Person Officiating Mechanics Part 2

This week, our video is again focusing 2 person officiating. Part 2 talks about the technical aspects, including signalling, procedures, throw in and free throw positioning, etc.

Similar to last week, all content can be found in the 2PO Manual (link can be found above in week 2 content).




BV Rule of the Week

This week we have a ‘What’s Your Decision’ clip.

This week’s clip is:




Last week’s answer:


When a team is in possession for the throw in and they violate before the ball goes into play the arrow changes.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

This week for our fitness component, we want to introduce referees to the app called Strava, which can either be accessed through their website (click here) or downloaded on their app store.


Strava is a FREE social-fitness network, mainly tracking cycling and running/walking exercises. You can record activity and it goes into your Strava feed (much like Facebook), where your friends and followers can share their own races and workouts, give kudos (or likes) to great performances and leave comments on each others activities. It is a great way to keep us all connected during this pandemic, as well as during down-time during off-season or to maintain in-season fitness.


I have created a Ballarat Basketball Referees club (click here), so once you sign up, be sure to join this club. Once you upload a session, it will automatically go straight into the referee club. Whether you go for a walk around the block with your pet, or go for a 10km run, all sessions can be uploaded and is a great way to maintain motivation during this downtime!


I strongly recommend everyone downloads the app, so we can all stay together and back each other up in our efforts to maintain our fitness, ready for the season once we get back up and running!



2 Person Officiating Mechanics

This week, our video is on 2 person officiating. This is part 1, which will look at positioning during a game of referees. All information and diagrams have been extracted from the Basketball Victoria 2PO Manual.


If you wish to look further into the 2PO Manual, click here.




In the next video, Bill Mildenhall from the BV Technical Officials Commission takes us through some key officiating guidelines from 2017.

Please note the following:

Unsportsmanlike fouls – these have updated since this video to include the following:

  • C1 – not a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball within the spirit and intent of the rules
  • C2 – excessive, hard contact caused by a player in an effort to play the ball or an opponent
  • C3 – an unnecessary contact caused by the defensive player in order to stop the progress of the offensive team in transition. This applies until the offensive player begins his act of shooting
  • C4 – contact by the defensive player from behind or laterally on an opponent in an attempt to stop the fast break and there is no defensive player between the offensive player and the opponent’s basket. This applies until the offensive player begins his act of shooting
  • C5 – contact by the defensive player on an opponent on the playing court when the game clock shows 2:00 minutes or less in the fourth quarter and in each overtime, when the ball is out of bounds for a throw-in and still in the hands of the official or at the disposal of the player taking the throw-in.



BV Rule of the Week

This week’s rule of the week is:

With 4:17 remaining on the game clock in the third quarter, during an alternating possessions throw in, thrower-in A1 takes more than 5 seconds to release the ball. The ball shall be awarded to the opponents for a throw-in from the place of the original throw-in, and the direction arrow shall be reversed immediately.

True OR False?? Answer will be posted next week.


Last week’s answer:

Answer = FALSE ART 28.1.2 1ST BULLET

The team has caused the ball to go into its front court whenever, the ball, not in control of any player, touches the front court.


Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

Our fitness challenge for this week is the Milk Jug Challenge.

Use two milk cartons (filled with either milk or water). If you don’t have milk cartons, you can use water jugs, large drink bottles, or even household items such as backpacks, pots and pans, etc. As long as they are slightly heavy and weigh the same.

Hold the milk cartons in either hand and raise up by your side with straight arms. Grab a timer and see how long you can stay in this position for!

Once you drop down, go to a 45 degree angle and hold this for as long as you can and finish by resting.

Be sure to upload photos and videos of your attempt online, using the tag Ballarat Basketball and hashtag #HomeStayPlay




This can be used as a holding exercise, or can be used to complete repetitions if you continue to raise and lower the cartons for side raises, front raises or shoulder press.




Remember at the end of any fitness session we should cool down by stretching out all muscles and body parts used.




Referee Pathways and Competencies

This week, our video looks at referee progression and pathways to move up the ranks as a referee in Victoria. It discusses different BVC events and their suitability for different levels, and the different competencies for referees depending on their level and experience.

If you wish to look further into the Referee Competencies document, head over to the VBRA website here.

BV Rule of the Week

This week’s rule of the week is:

A4 has control of the ball in his back court for seven seconds when he passes the ball towards A5 in his front court. The ball hits the floor in the front court before the count of eight but by the time A5 receives the pass, nine seconds have expired. This is a violation by Team “A”.

True OR False?? Answer will be posted next week.

Fitness Session/Challenge of the Week

Our fitness session for this week is called ‘Card’io. Don’t forget to warm up using Scott’s video from last week!

You will need a deck of card. If you don’t have this, you can download one onto your computer or phone.

Each suit represents an exercise:

  • Spades = Squat Jump
  • Clubs = Burpee
  • Hearts = Push Ups
  • Diamonds = Russian Twists
  • Joker = 30 sec plank


Repetitions are determined by the number on the card (an ace is 1, all faces are 10). For example, a 7 of hearts means you do 7 push ups.

Pick up one card at a time until you have made it through the whole deck (or as much of the deck as you can).

Remember at the end of any fitness session we should cool down by stretching out all muscles and body parts used.


Social Media

We want to fill our social media with positive and inspiring photos during these hard times. So, we wants you to upload a photo of you in your referee gear!

This could be a photo of your favourite refereeing moment, a photo with friends in your uniform, or even with your stripes or green shirt on exercising at home! Tag your friends and get them in on the challenge to fill our News Feeds with black, white and green!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HomeStayPlay


2 Person Officiating

This week we have a video relating to 2 person officiating. Specifically, this video explores the areas of focus during game situations and where the concentration of an official should lie within their areas of responsibility.


This is a great educational tool to assist referees in understanding their positioning, and interpreting/anticipating offensive plays and defensive movements.



Scott Talpey - Federation University

Scott Talpey is one of our Strength and Conditioning coaches for the Miners and Rush players, as well as a very passionate coach for junior Drummo Dragons and player for Tuesday Night Rollers. He has helped us with putting together some videos below to begin the fitness component of our HPS Referee program. Scott takes us through some basic exercises and running sessions that can be done from the comfort of your own home, or on a nearby oval or backyard. All exercises can be performed as basic body weight exercises, or alternatively you can add additional resistance/weight with a resistance band, weights, heavy drink bottles, backpacks, chairs, vacuums, cans or bags of food or anything else you can find in your house!
In video 1, Scott takes us through a general 15 minute warm up. Warm ups should be done prior to any physical activity to ensure our muscles are warm and ready for high intensity work to reduce the risk of injury and enable us to be at our best during a session!



In video 2, Scott then explains three different running methods that can be used to increase refereeing stamina. While these may not be able to be done indoors at home, they can easily be done on the footpath outside, in your backyard (if you have enough room), or on a nearby oval or courts!



Lastly, video 3 shows Scott taking us through some strength exercise techniques and correct methods in performing these. The are quite basic, and discuss variations in making exercises easier or harder depending on fitness levels! This is a good stepping stone into content for following weeks. For now, use this week as a beginner week to practice correct techniques to reduce risk of injury, and to work out what you could use in your house for our workouts/challenges.