Minerdome Sports Club – making the Reed family dream become a reality!

Kaye and Kelvin have turned to crowd funding for help and the Minerdome Sports Club has been there to assist the Reed family by redirecting the proceeds from their Friday night raffles to the cause.

In total the members & guests of the sports club have been more than generous and raised a total of $494.50 towards Kelvin’s van.

We must also mention the generous donation of an $80 grocery hamper from Maryborough Supa IGA

The GMHBA Miners & Harvey Norman Ballarat Rush have also been fundraising and have managed to donate an additional $356.00 towards the cause.

We are also pleased that Kaye And Kelvin have been able to pick up their van while still fund-raising the extra $2,000 needed to pay for it in full.

The smile on Kelvins face says it all and Kaye assures us (once she learns how to drive a manual transmission again!) that we will be seeing a lot more of the Reed family around the sports club in the future!

Outside the world no longer flies past and Kelvin can be an active part of it once more. Kelvin had spent most of his day by his window, watching neighbours scurry past on a busy Ballarat road, while confined to a wheelchair.

Kelvin has CLIPPERS syndrome, a rare neurological condition that has caused him strong twitching and has stripped him of the use of his arms and legs the past three years.

His wife Kaye had sourced an old van with a good lift already fitted in the hope they could go on outings together. Anywhere together – especially if it helps get Kelvin back to the Minerdome where he has been a long-time supporter of the Ballarat Miners and Rush basketball teams.