Return to Play update – Green 100

The statements on Sunday from the Premier Dan Andrews have allowed Basketball Victoria and Netball Victoria to determine that the Return to Play document can now activate competitions and training to the previously called level of Green 100.  This is now referred to as the COVID Safe level.


This means that for competitions at BSEC and the Minerdome the following will now apply –


  • Activities permitted at this level must follow a 1 person per 4 square metre density quotient, social distancing rules apply.   Additional seating has been placed on all courts allowing the recent Covid spectator restrictions to be relaxed meaning that family members and siblings can come to a game, however, entry and exit timing details remain in place.  (Doors will be locked at the commencement game time)


  • Signage must state the number of people permitted inside.  The current signage which shows 50 per court can now be interpreted to mean up to 50 spectators who must maintain social distancing of 1.5m whether seated or standing.  In addition, all patrons must still abide by the restricted movement requirements within the venue and remain at the game court relating to their reason for entering.


  • Wipes, sanitiser/disinfectant continues to be supplied for use by patrons and the game schedule will allow for a clean after each game time.


  • Attendance record keeping remains in place via the court QR Codes for each evening or day of competition


  • A COVID-Safe Plan is available for viewing on the BBA and WNA websites.


  • Face masks are not required for players, referees and coaches during games.


  • Whilst face masks are no longer mandatory in the venues, one must be carried by all over the age of 12 and is required to be worn if social distancing cannot be maintained.