Special Consideration For 2018 Championship Finals

Special consideration for players that may not make the minimum amount of games to qualify for finals is available now. If you have missed games due to injury, work, school or other reasons you can apply for exemption to play. The form does require details as to why you haven’t qualified and will need something like a medical certificate from a doctor, notice from an employer or school or Statutory declaration to accompany the form.

These forms must be submitted to the Basketball Office no later than Monday 27th of August, which means that there may be 1 or 2 rounds to go in your competition but if you are unsure submit one to be safe. the form is below or available in at the Minerdome:

Special Permission Form 18 Championship Season


This is for every competition from under 10 to Masters and you do not get automatic qualification if you play in another competition. You must qualify for each division.