Vicky Lowe receives 2019 Scoretable Official of the Year Award

Congratulations to Vicky Lowe on receiving the 2019 Scoretable Official of the Year Award
Via the Victorian Basketball Scoretable Association (V.B.S.A.)
“Vicky, a Level 4 VBSA member has been nominated as she did a marvellous job coordinating the scoretable people for the Ballarat U14 Tournament in 2019. She helped Bendigo with the WNBL, and was a great help to the associations in the western suburbs region if they needed help with their rosters, education and evaluations. If an association had an issue, she would listen and help where she could. Vicky is very approachable and easy for the officials to talk to and ask questions of without feeling nervous.”
From everyone at Basketball Ballarat we would like to congratulate Vicky on her deserving award and take the moment to thank her for the continued dedication to Basketball.