6 Wins for Ballarat!

The Thrifty Under 18 Miners were big winners in the weekend of Junior Basketball. They were among Ballarat’s six winners in last Friday nights Victorian Junior Basketball League action.

The Miners and Rush teams will take the court again at the Minerdome on Friday, June the 22nd with 5 Victorian Junior Basketball League games.


Friday, June 22 at the Mars Minerdome:


8:20pm Court 2: Thrifty Under 16 Miners (VC) v Bulleen

8:20pm Court 1: Thrifty Under 18 Miners (VC) V Werribee

8:40pm Court 3: Thrifty Under 14 Miners (VJL3) vWerribee

9:40pm Court 2: Thrifty Under 16 Rush (VJL4) V Bulleen

9:40pm Court 1: Thrifty Under 18 Rush (VC) V Dandenong


Entry is free for all Thrifty Junior Miners and Rush games.


All results from 15/6/18:

Under 14 Rush (VJL1) 30-33 Camberwell

Under 14 Rush (VJL4) 41-30 Diamond Valley

Under 14 Miners (VC) 57-59 Latrobe

Under 14 Miners (VJL3) 44-46 Diamond Valley

Under 16 Rush (VC) 59-45 Broadmeadows

Under 16 Rush (VJL2) 42-26 Bulleen

Under 16 Miners (VC) 56-62 Melbourne

Under 16 Miners (VJL4) 58-47 Camberwell

Under 18 Rush (VC) 64-44 Bulleen

Under 18 Miners (VC) 88-58 Broadmeadows

Under 18 Miners (VJL4) 54-47 Ringwood