Competitions Update on Face Masks

Now that masks are mandatory across all of Victoria, all of the basketball community including team officials, parents, staff and all athletes over 12 years of age must wear face masks on arrival and departure from the venue, as well as inside the venue, except for participants or officials during competition. This is optional, but is allowed provided they adhere to the Return to Sport Guidelines.

Does this mean all people in a stadium (in Regional Victoria) should wear a mask at all times – parents, staff, players and volunteers?

  • Yes – Parents, staff, volunteers, team officials must wear a mask at all times.
  • Players do not need to wear a mask (but they are able to at their discretion).

Do referees need to wear a mask?

  • No, referees do not need to wear a face mask, however they may do so, if they choose to.

We encourage everyone to implement this immediately for Friday & Saturday Competitions however in line with Government Regulations this will officially commence 11.59pm Sunday 2nd of August.

For further information please refer to the FAQ