Grading Review

The grading period has been completed and changes to fixtures, divisions and team will take place over the coming days. All affiliated domestic clubs along with the Competitions and Program Committee (CPC) representatives met on Monday night to discuss and change according to results and notes collated over the first 4 rounds. Whilst the focus was on junior basketball, senior competitions were also discuss with changes appearing on fixtures now.

For full details on grading changes please see the PDF below which explains the movement.

PDF – GradingReview_2019&20SummerSeason


There will also be another review held by all CPC members on Monday the 25th of November to check all grading movement. This is a new system which allows the competitions to be further reviewed to achieve even more closer contested competitions.


What does this mean for your team? If your team has been re graded you will receive 2 championship points for every game you played, along with 20 points for and 20 points against. This will mean you are not disadvantaged when entering the new competitions. These ladder amendments will take place over the next 2 weeks. you can also check to see if your team has moved by either checking the PDF or speak to your club which will notify everyone by team app, Facebook, website or text. Many clubs have already started to do this.


When will all the changes be made? Right now! you will notice that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are already online. Friday fixtures will be altered in the coming days but as there is no games this Friday 8th of November, we have a little more time.  


What’s happening with the Under 12s? you will notice that the 12 A Grade games this week include round 4 (not round 5) games only. This is due to last week the teams competing in the Geelong Tournament. This Saturday being show weekend we have pushed the double round (round 5 and 6) to Saturday 16th of November upon advise from the clubs.


Saturday November 16th: Scheduled games for Saturday November 16th will be played between BSEC and the Arch (Ballarat High) due to a Volleyball tournament being held over the weekend at the Mars® Minerdome. This will not impact the Friday competitions. Please note that on this weekend we will ensure Eftpos facilities are available at the ARCH. For your convenience and ease of use we will make sure an eftpos terminal is available to be used.


Christmas Break and return of play in 2020: once fixtures are released you will notice that you can view the last round for 2019 and the return of play in 2020. Our last week of play for 2019 commences on Monday 9th of December. Our Finals commence for most competitions after the March Long weekend in 2020. Please feel free to scan through to check out the dates.


Annual Closedown of Courts: the Minerdome and BSEC courts will be closed for usage from 4pm Wednesday December 18th, 2019 and re-open 9am Tuesday January 14th,2020. This is for resurface and cleaning purposes. Closer to the closure date we will let everyone know when they can use the courts and which courts are available.