Juliana Addison No1 ticket holder for Selkirk Ballarat Rush in 2019

The Selkirk Ballarat Rush proudly unveiled State Member for Wendouree Juliana Addison as number one ticket holder for the Selkirk Ballarat Rush 2019 NBL1 season.

Joy Burke, returning player for the Selkirk Ballarat Rush were on hand to present Juliana with her number one ticket along with a quick one-on-one session.

“It is just a dream come true, it’s so awesome and I can’t wait for the first match.” Addison said.

Juliana herself started playing basketball in primary school and mentioned she had some of her best memories at the MARS Minerdome playing with local club the Wildcats.

“I’m really passionate about girls and women being active and play sport. It is so good for you with greater health outcomes so it makes real senses to keep moving and playing sport” Addison ended with.

Joy Burke arrived this week and was amazed by Juliana’s passion for women in sport.

“We had a great shoot this morning, she is full of passion and we are so honoured to have her as our number one ticket holder.” Burke said.

The Selkirk Ballarat Rush commence their 2019 NBL1 Campaign on March 30th.