Miners Season Opener Preview v Bendigo

As the Miners prepare for their much anticipated season opener against Bendigo they announced their co-captains for the 2015 season. Kris Blicavs and Roy Booker have been named as the leaders for the team.

Booker is excited about his prospects, claiming he is the grandpa of the team. He is happy that the team listens and strives to get better at all times and he thinks that’s really important for the side.

Blicavs is motivated and humbled to be named the co-captain for the 2015 season. He is going to take a lot more responsibility in how the Miners perform as a team. Blicavs expressed he and Roy now have a lot of accountability, and will ensure that the team is also accountable for what happens on the Court. Blicavs has faith in what he and the team have done over the preseason and is feeling confident about taking on Bendigo on Friday. He is excited about having a strong home court advantage and expressed that as a team they are incredibly hungry and will definitely be leaving it all on the floor.

Roy Booker says the team and himself will be making the first attack, and ensuring that the team starts strong. He is incredibly confident in his team and thinks by playing hard they can beat anybody, Bendigo included. Booker is approaching the game with Bendigo as a real big game against their biggest rival.

In terms of the upcoming season opener for the 2015 season Head Coach Eric Hayes says the team is as prepared as they can be and he trusts that what they have done in the offseason will be enough to get the job done.  Hayes has some ideas on what he wants the team to implement Friday night, but he said a lot depends on what Bendigo bring to the floor. In terms of matching up with the taller Bendigo side, Hayes wants to utilise their speed as opposed to worrying too much about their height. Hayes wants to get the ball in the basket more times than they do and he thinks that is a good formula to win.